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Natural Diet Plan to Lose Weight Permanently

Written by Diet Bites

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Defeating Weight Gain With a Natural Diet Plan

The Natural Diet Plan Defeats Weight Gain After Weight Loss

The Natural Diet Plan offers substantial results that exceed weight loss.

By making those small changes in the daily diet, we now have a pattern for not only Weight Loss Success, but Weight Loss Management - which is vital when one considers that almost 100% of the individuals who lose weight gain it back with additional pounds - most of those experiencing rapid weight gain following their diet and exercise plan.

Causes of Weight Gain Following Weight Loss

Weight gain after weight loss almost always occurs due to the following:

- The dieter finds difficulty sticking to their weight loss plan and ends it with a binge that leads to weight gain which occurs (and continues to build) over a period of days, weeks, months or years.

- After achieving Weight Loss Success, the dieter flounders about - not knowing how to manage a daily diet without sticking to their weight loss plan. In the process, those lost pounds creep back onto the body, refilling the fat cells. Once weight gain occurs, the increased number of fat cells never disappear.

This is one factor that creates havoc for individuals who lose the weight and strive to keep it off. Those fat cells are forever crying out to be fed, and maintaining a healthy weight is certainly much more challenging for these individuals than those who have never been overweight.

- The dieter has a 'brain moment' and thinks, "I lost all the weight before and I can certainly do it again, so I'm going to enjoy myself now, then lose the weight - before doing it all over again and again and again."

And weight gain ensues.

- And of course, weight gain occurs as we age and our daily calorie needs decline, even when activity levels are maintained as well as our daily calorie intake - but this is quite different than the weight gain which occurs following a diet or weight loss plan.

Establishing a Healthy Eating Pattern for Permanent Weight Loss

With this said, the Natural Diet Plan establishes a pattern for a healthy daily diet based on the calories required to support the individual's recommended weight from the beginning.

So many people strive to cut x-amount of calories from their daily diet, at times those lower calorie intakes falling below what their body requires to maintain their recommended weight.

It's time to forget about dieting! Weight loss can be accomplished by simply eating the recommended calories required to maintain the recommended weight.

The body will slowly and safely adjust to the calories as weight loss occurs. In turn, there is no shock & awe proceeding the weight loss plan as the individual is aware of the number of calories needed to maintain their new, healthy, recommended weight, thus eliminating many of the pitfalls associated with repeating weight gain.  Part 4 Natural Diet Plan |  Part 5 Natural Diet Plan | Natural Diet Plan, Day 1 Menus | Natural Diet Plan, Day 2-7 Menus | Part 1: Natural Diet Plan

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