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Hotdogs & Corndogs
Tips for Dieters, Reducing Calories

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Easy Hotdog Recipes for Your Diet Plan

Hotdogs, when prepared with the lighter fat, lighter calorie winnies can be an excellent menu choice for a healthy weight loss plan. Try the following unique hotdog recipes for your next lunch or dinner menu.

As a note, for all of the following hotdog recipes we used 45 calorie franks and roasted them on a grill. If it's not an opportune or convenient time to grill, they roast well in the oven or under a broiler - or even in a toaster oven. Or, try boiling or pan frying.

The buns were prepared using a steamed method. While we don't have a professional steamer, the same can be accomplished by wrapping the bun is a moist paper towel and zapping for a few seconds in the microwave.

One idea which I have tried yet is to place the buns in the top of a rice steamer - which we do have; if you try this method, please keep in mind that we have not put it to the test and it's merely a suggestion. And if the buns are very fresh, you may prefer them just as they are!

The basic dawg (bun, frank) when prepared with light franks contains about 150 calories.

Chili Cheese Diet hotdog Recipe

You'll need a can of lean chili which contains no more than 250 calories per serving - which is usually a cup of chili.

Place the cooked frank onto the steamed bun and spread a line of yellow mustard, honey mustard or spicy brown mustard down the length of the frank.

Top with 1/3 cup of the lean chili, two Tablespoons of reduced fat shredded cheese and chopped raw purple, white or yellow onions.

New York Style Diet hotdog Recipe

hot dogsGrab a prepared bun and add the winnie. Spread the top with spicy brown mustard. Next, add a layer of sauerkraut which is so low in calories that it's almost ridiculous.

After all, sauerkraut is pickled cabbage - and we know how skinny cabbage is in calories.

An entire cup of sauerkraut contains a whopping 27 calories. However, it is significant in the sodium content at 939 mg per cup. When drained, the sodium content will be somewhat reduced.

Finally, to finish off the recipe, add a heaping serving of grilled onions on top of the sauerkraut. As with the cabbage and sauerkraut, onions are also super low in caloric content. Onions can be 'grilled' using an outdoor grill or broiler oven or even a sauce pan.

Traditional Poor Man's Diet hotdog

Odds are, if you're like me you've enjoyed a few of these in your life. These are spread with a line of mustard and catsup and topped with pickle relish and chopped onion.

Hotdogs With Chili Sauce Recipe

Hormel's Chili Sauce tastes extra good and it's not only for chili. It goes well with franks, too. After assembling the winnie and bun, add a line of the Chili Sauce and a large, generous mound of grilled onions.

Chicago Style hotdog Recipe for Dieters

If you can locate poppy seed buns, they taste awesome when used for Chicago-style dawgs. Assemble the basic dawg, add a line of mustard. To one side of the bun tuck in some pickles (sweet or dill), some sliced tomato. Give the dawg a good dash of celery salt then finish it off with a few mild peppers.

Mexican Cheesy hotdog Recipe

If you find yourself missing cheesy goodness from your new diet plan, grab a jar of Tostitos Queso the next time you're at the market.

Heat the queso; add a cooked winnie to the steamed bun then top with about 2 Tablespoons of your favorite salsa. Pace makes so many varieties at varying heat levels - and all are quite delicious. Next, finish off by adding 100 calories of the queso and some chopped raw onion and jalapeno.

To keep calories low in your hotdog, try these diet tips:

- opt for lean franks or light franks

- cut the frank length-wise, in half; you can now enjoy two hotdogs for the price of one frank and two buns

- use mustard or ketchup over Mayo

- use hotdog sauce over chili or opt for the leanest chili possible

- avoid buttering and toasting your buns and save a lot of calories

- if you must toast your bun, try spraying with butter flavored cooking spray rather than using margarine or butter

Corn Dogs & Dieting

Very easy to prepare with a tiny 140 to 160 calories each. When served with regular mustard, that equals 2 corn dogs for about  300 calories.

Search the frozen food section, then check the label before purchasing. Bryan Corn Dogs are delightfully good.

Cooking Suggestion & Side Dishes

Prepare in the microwave, then remove and transfer to the stove top, cooking the corn dogs until they are crunchy and golden brown with the assistance of no-calorie cooking spray.

diet corn dog recipeSo many things go great with corn dogs - from beans to potato chips.

Check the labels and enjoy with your corn dog.

If you choose potato chips, enjoy with a little light sour cream or whipped cream cheese which contains less calories than their regular counterparts.

Dessert Suggestions While Dieting

If you're enjoying 2 corn dogs, you won't have room for many calories where dessert is concerned.

Therefore, opting for prepared varieties of light Jell-O can come to the rescue and they complete the meal so well.

Calorie Count Total for Corn Dog Meal

2 corn dogs plus regular mustard (about 300 calories)
1 serving of chips (100 calories worth)
Dip, Cream Cheese, Sour Cream, or Ranch Dressing (up to 80 calories worth)
Sugar-free Jell-O (10 calories)

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