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Easy Tips for Adding Fruits to Your Daily Diet

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Smart Healthy Tips for Getting More Fruit Into the Daily Diet

- Sometimes the most simple things are forgotten and our first tip is the most simple of tips.

Making those healthy foods have easier access almost-always means that we'll grab for the gold rather than the glob of fat contained in a prepackaged dessert.

With this said, make fruit easily visible to the eye. Place assorted fruit into a pretty container and set it in a well-used area of the house.

- Because fresh fruits and fruit juice which is stored in the refrigerator have a limited shelf life, be sure to keep a variety of fruits on hand. Frozen fruits, canned fruits and juices, dried fruits - all have extremely long life-spans and can assist you with weight loss as well as a healthier daily diet.

Exotic Fruits Such as Starfruits, Papaya, Honeydew & Kiwi for Your Diet Plan

Experiment with exotic fruits. This can be fruits that you haven't tried before such as starfruit or plantains OR fruits that are appealing to the eye.

A fresh pineapple not only makes a beautiful centerpiece for the table, it can be a fun star for the family - as can a fresh coconut. Make memories with fruit while making your diet healthier.

Substitute Mashed Natural Fruits for Oil in Recipes to Save Calories From Fat

Adding fruits to dessert recipes and omitting the oil can create new masterpieces filled with moist, delicious bites. Mashed and pureed fruits work best. Great examples include mashed bananas and applesauce.

Fruit Butter Recipe for Your Diet Plan

There are so many delicious 'fruit butters' at the markets these days which add a burst of sweetness without adding a plethora of calories. A popular favorite is apple butter.

You can prepare your own recipe for fruit butter simply by mashing the fruit into a smooth paste and adding your favorite spices.

Adding Fruits to Salads

Almost any leafy salad will benefit in taste with the addition of dried fruits. Toss in a few dried cranberries or golden raisins or currents on your next salad and you'll definitely taste the delicious difference.

Natural Packages Created by Mother Nature Makes Transporting Fruits Easy

Another great thing about fruits is that they transport well for hiking trips, snack time or lunch time at work and school, and when on the go. If prepackaged single servings prove costly at the local market, prepackage your own in advance.

Chocolate Covered Fruits & Berries, Desserts

If you enjoy your fruits covered in chocolate from time to time, be sure to choose dark chocolate for a healthier benefit.

Some of the most beautiful desserts consist of whole or chopped fruit topped with just a dab of whipped cream.


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