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Free Diet Menu #6 - Cheesy Corn Chip Pie

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Recipe for Cheesy Corn Chip Pie Recipe Ingredients

1 can of Campbell's Firehouse Chili, Beef & Bean Version
1 Ounce of Your Favorite Shredded Cheese
1 Serving of Corn Chips

How to Prepare Our Diet Recipe for Cheesy Corn Chip Pie

Fast food can also be healthy food. The low calorie recipe contains three ingredients and it's yours to decide otherwise.

Oh my goodness, this is such an easy recipe. A lot of options for dieters, too.

For example, one can stand over a hot stove and cook-up a tasty chili for about five times the amount of money that it costs for one large can of delicious, low fat, lower calorie chili with the calorie content pre-calculated.

Needless to say, we opted for the prepared, lower calorie chili.

Our pick for this lower calorie Cheesy Corn Chip Pie recipe is Campbell's Firehouse Chili, the beef and bean version which contains a skinny 230 calories per generous serving.

We added our favorite corn chips to the hot chili - about 100 calories worth of crushed corn chips per serving. We also added 100 calories worth of our favorite cheese to each serving. We used sliced muenster cheese as it melts quickly and is punched with mild flavor.

Add These Ingredients to Your Bowl to Ramp Up Nutritional Values & Flavor

Our Cheesy Corn Chip Pie can be taken up a notch by adding the following for minimal calories;

- sliced black olives

- chopped onions

- chili sauce

- pickled peppers, any variety

- dollop of light sour cream

- a couple of thinly slices of avocado

Diet Chili Pie RecipeTo feed a family of four, simply double the recipe and combine the chili and corn chips.

Top with grated cheese before serving; pop into the oven or microwave if cheese doesn't immediately begin melting.

Serve with a healthy side salad and light dressing to complete the meal.


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