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Jumping Bean Burritos

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Recipe for Jumping Bean Burritos - a lower calorie recipe for weight loss.

Delicious beans and cheese tucked into a light, flour shell. Weight loss never tasted so good.

Burritos have the capability to ride high when it comes to calorie content. Keep a watchful eye on the following when trying to lose weight or achieve a healthier daily diet:

Shell Yes!: The size and recipe of the flour shell greatly influence calories. Check the labels and opt for lard-less, lower calorie versions.

In addition, beware of the Fried Burrito which is a very bad bandit when it comes to robbing your healthy daily diet.

The Fried Burrito generally stashes his loot (those pricey high calories) on top of your bathroom weighing scales....

The Beans: The calorie range spans a wide gap depending upon the brands used. Check the labels and choose wisely.

The Cheese: The size and type of cheese used greatly influence calories. If you adore cheese, adore it from a distance, taking only a serving size for your tasty recipe.

How to Prepare Our Diet Jumping Bean Burritos

Just a couple of Food Notes before we begin. If you don't like beans and you love bean dip, you can opt for that instead. Bean dip lends a different flavor to the burrito, but take note that calories tend to be higher in the bean dip than in the plain bean.

Diet Burrito RecipeIf you really wish to keep calories at a minimum while enjoying the flavor of cheese, opt for jarred queso found in the chip section at your local market which contains about 40 calories per serving.

To prepare our low calorie Jumping Bean Burritos, warm your flour tortillas as you normally would.

We like to cook ours on the stove top using butter flavored cooking spray and we cook them until they are golden on each side.

Diet Jumping Bean Burritos, Recipe Ingredients

Fill them with your favorite chili OR seasoned refried beans OR plain beans seasoned with chili powder, ground cumin, cilantro, chopped onion and salsa.

Top with jarred queso or 50 calories of your favorite cheese; fold over 'burrito style' and enjoy. Examples:

1 flour tortilla (80 calories)

1/2 cup of chili (110 calories)

1 serving of queso (40 calories)

Total Calories = 230 and we can enjoy 2 of these tasty Zippy Bean Burritos plus salsa for dipping and a serving of light sour cream for 40 calories.


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