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Lower Calorie Traditional Homemade
Cheeseburger Recipe

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Homemade Cheeseburger Recipe

Our lower calorie recipe for Cheeseburgers goes line-in-line with traditional food faire using simple ingredients which in the end, create a healthy food pyramid as almost all the Food Groups participate in this healthy comfort-food recipe.

Traditional Cheeseburgers contain just a few ingredients: the bun, the beef, the veggies, the sauce and the cheese.

All can be a healthy part of the daily diet. The bun resides in the Grain Group; the veggies reside in the Vegetable Group, the meat resides in the Protein Group and the cheese resides in the Dairy Group. The only group MIA is the fruit group.

We've established that the traditional Cheeseburger contains a formidable cluster of foods that can provide significant nutritional benefits in the daily diet. But....there is a tiny little exception. As with all potentially healthy foods, the ingredients that we use must be Smart Ingredients. Smart Ingredients are those that are lower in fat and calories than their co-food-buddies.

To keep our traditional Cheeseburger low in fat and calories, we'll do the following:

- The Bread. We'll look for whole grain goodness when choosing our bread and we'll only choose the freshest bun. We'll also check the label and opt for a bun that is 130 calories or less. We'll also toast our bun using cooking spray rather than butter or margarine.

- The Meat. Only the leanest cut of beef. Sure, we'll pay a bit more for the beef, but the calorie content can be cut in half as our Weight Loss Reward. We'll also make our meat nice and thin, thus saving more calories.

Diet cheeseburger recipe.- The Vegetables. We'll use sliced onions, sliced pickles, crisp lettuce and finely sliced tomato.

- The Cheese. By using shredded low fat versions of cheese, we can save almost 1/2 the calories of full-blown cheese. Our traditional Cheeseburger will contain low fat mozzarella cheese for a tiny 50 calories.

The Sauce. By using a little sunshine rather than a glob of fat-old-Mayo, we'll save a ton of calories and of course, fat.

Traditional Cheeseburger - a lower calorie recipe for weight loss.

Cook the beef patty. Once beef is done, top with cheese slice then transfer to bun. Top with veggies and smear on a bit of mustard and ketchup if desired.

Enjoy one cheeseburger and one serving of baked beans OR baked potato chips.


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