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Zippy Broccoli Cheese Soup

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Recipe for Zippy Broccoli Cheese Soup

Our delicious diet friendly soup contains a healthy dose of broccoli. The addition of fiber to the daily diet can assist in keeping hunger hiding in the bushes.

Because cheese tends to be high in calories, sodium and fat - it's not generally included in most diet plans.

However, it is included in the famous Dairy Group as recommended by the USDA in their also-famous Food Pyramid. And that's good enough for Diet Bites!

The key in keeping calories low in our broccoli cheese soup recipe is using Tostitos Queso sauce which comes in a jar and can be found in the chip section at your local market.

And of course, feel free to use your favorite brand as long as it contains around 40 calories per serving. Tostitos Queso gives our broccoli cheese soup a little zip.

If you don't like zippy cheese sauces, you can certainly opt for a low calorie, low fat cheese but be sure to use regular milk rather than the Half & Half; simply shred the cheese and melt with the milk.

Check the product label for calorie content of the cheese using up to 700 calories worth. If the broccoli cheese soup is too thick, simply add more milk.

The use of Half & Half over milk increases total calories, but adds a rich, velvety texture to our Zippy Broccoli Cheese Soup. You can opt for whole milk for about 160 calories if you wish, or you can use skim milk for about 90 calories.

Zippy Broccoli Cheese Soup - a lower calorie recipe for weight loss.

1 jar of Tostitos Queso - 520 calories

1 small box of chopped broccoli, prepared according to package and thoroughly drained

1 cup of Half & Half - 320 calories (or you can use regular milk for 160 calories)

Simply combine the above and heat until bubbly. Enjoy with croutons on top if desired for a few additional calories. Enjoy 2 cups of this tasty soup along with a crusty slice of bread OR a side salad and light dressing.


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