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The Official Food Pyramid for Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Healthy Diet Based on American Food Pyramid - Or Food Guide for Your Country or Origin

If you are seeking information on the healthy, official American Food Pyramid, then we have a plethora at your disposal twenty-four hours a day.

The following health & diet articles are based on the Food Pyramid, and which can assist you as you lose weight. All are free and are located within Diet Bites:

The Natural Diet Plan- Foods that go through a refining process will accumulate more calories amid the process while losing essential nutrients. A Natural Diet Plan is closest to Mother Nature - and can assist greatly in the areas of improved health, weight loss and maintenance.

How to Lose Weight Without Dieting - If we really get down to the brass tax, everyone is on a daily diet - but if you're trying to lose pounds, then you are more likely on a restricted-caloric diet plan. If you're tired of doing without the foods that you enjoy as well as being too restrictive in your daily totals, we'll show you how you can lose unhealthy pounds without going on a restricted calorie daily diet.

Diet & Weight Loss Myths - Truths revealed about the most common weight loss myths.

The Grain Group- An extensive list of foods that live in the Grain Group.

Calorie Content, Grains - The caloric values contained  in popular whole and refined grains.

What Counts as a Serving of Grain?- The nutrition facts for grains including types and serving size.

Tips:Getting Grain in the Daily Diet - We'll lead the way towards getting more healthy grain benefits into your daily diet plan.

Health Benefits of Grains - Weight loss is just one of the healthy benefits of including grains in your daily diet.

Calorie Content in Fruit - The caloric values of fruit.

What Counts as a Serving of Fruit? - Serving sizes as well as nutrition facts for fruit.

Tips:Getting Fruits in the Daily Diet - Suggestions for getting more fruit into your daily weight loss plan.

Health Benefits of Fruits - Fruit has multiple health benefits - from assisting with weight loss results to combating constipation and certain types of cancer.

What Foods are in the Fruit Group? - List of foods that live within the official Fruit Group.

The Vegetable Group- Which specimens recipes in the official Vegetable Group?

Calorie Content, Vegetables - The caloric values found in common vegetables.

What Counts as a Serving of Vegetables?- The nutritional data, including recommend serving size.

Tips: Getting Vegetables in the Daily Diet- Need more vegetables on your meal plate? We have tips to assist.

Health Benefits of Vegetables- Battle weight gain and constipation with your healthy dose of vegetables.

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