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The Cheese Lovers Free Diet
Plan for Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Cheese. It's one of the biggest culprits when it comes to weight gain.

And  for many Cheese Lovers it's the arrow that shoots the 't' right off the word Diet and then we all know what happens next: "Farewell, noble diet plan for thou hasn't not served me well...."

Yes, the vast majority of diet and weight loss plans steer as far away from cheese as possible because cheese tends to be high in calories, fat and sodium content, particularly when serving size is factored into the Diet Equation.

One teeny-tiny slice of cheese can easily exceed 100 calories - depending upon the cherish brand. And that excess salt can blow up a body from here to Kingdom Come when only a few delectable slices are involved.

So what's a Cheese Lover to do when they desire to drop those unwanted pounds without drop-kicking their weight loss plan out the door?

Well, we hope that you'll be thrilled, because Diet Bites has come to the rescue with our free Cheese Lovers Diet Plan. Yes - finally you can eat cheese feeling guilt-free rather than like a cheating dirty Diet Rat.

Here are the particulars of The Free Cheese Lovers Diet Plan from Diet Bites:

Our Cheese Lovers Diet Plan is based on 1,500 calories per day. Take note that individual Cheese Lovers daily calorie needs will vary. The breakfast menus contain about 300 calories each; allow 200 calories for snacks. All of our 21 free diet menus contain about 500 calories each.

Our Cheese Lovers Diet Plan is a one-week diet plan. Please weigh before you begin, then again on the morning that your diet ends so you can determine your weight loss results.

Our Cheese Lovers Diet Plan makes use of common foods. Nothing fancy-smancy here - just delicious, homemade cheesy goodness packed with nutritious foods which equal a healthy daily diet while losing weight safely. Our Cheese Lovers Diet Plan's Golden Rule is: "While we seek to eat cheese, we aim to pair that velvety goodness with healthy foods."

See here for help on setting your Target Weight.

Keep in mind your Energy Needs vs Calorie Intake for Weight Loss.

Be sure to drink 8 cups of water per day throughout the day while dieting or not - as recommended by the USDA Official Food Pyramid. For beverages outside of water, drink zero or very low calorie drinks this week.

Dairy Food Notes

If you do not like low fat dairy products, then use the regular versions - but take note that the recipes will contain a few more calories.

For example, skim milk contains 1/2 the calories of whole milk and we dare-say that you'll notice a difference when skim milk is used in a recipe rather than whole. As to the recommended cheese contained in the recipes, try to use what is recommended or a version that is close in calorie content.

As we mentioned above, it doesn't take much for cheese calories to jump over the Diet Moon.

Twenty-one lunch and dinner recipes are provided in our Cheese Lovers Diet Plan so that you'll have a pool of choices rather than a wading pond. Feel free to mix and match them as you wish.

For example, if you really love our Broccoli Cheese Soup recipe and had it for lunch, feel free to have it again for dinner. In short, our dinner and lunch menus are similar in calories - so mix, match, switch as you wish.

BUT - do not skip meals. Enjoy a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Snack List for Dieters

For snacks, enjoy 3 fruit snacks per day OR up to 200 calories worth. Fruit calories are located here. If you're just not feeling fruity, then enjoy your favorite snacks - up to 200 calories. That doesn't sound like a lot of calories, but here is an example of what can be enjoyed for 200 calories for snack time:

About 200 calories:

- 1 cup of strawberries (46 calories)

- 1 guava (37 calories)

- 1 tangerine (40 calories)

- 1 plum (30 calories)

- 1/2 grapefruit (38 calories)

About 200 calories:

- 1 nectarine (57 calories)

- 1 peach (51 calories)

- 1 star fruit (22 calories)

- 1/2 cup grapes (31 calories)

- 1/2 cup cherries (43 calories)

About 200 calories:

- 1 apricot (17 calories)

- 1 cup any diced melon (46 calories)

- 2 dates (40 calories)

- 1 fresh fig (30 calories)

- 1 cup of raspberries (64 calories)

About 200 calories:

- 1 small banana (90 calories)

- 1 small apple (77 calories)

- 20 raisins (31 calories)


Don't Forget to Pair Your Diet Plan With Moderate Activity

Be sure to incorporate 10 - 15 minutes of moderate activity into your daily weight loss plan. A brisk walk - or even a leisurely walk will not only assist in burning calories for weight loss, but will also make you feel better physically.

For extreme workouts - always check with your doctor before doing such, particularly when you have a lot of weight to lose. Your main goal should be getting to that magic number, safely.

Body Weight Based on Number of Daily Calories Balanced by Energy Expended/Used

Before we begin, it's important to highlight the fact that our weight isn't controlled by the types of foods that we eat, or the amounts of foods that we eat rather by the number of calories (energy) we consume combined with the number of calories (amount of energy) that the body expends (breathing, walking, talking, digesting food, winking, smiling, playing sports, etc.).

The types of food that we eat and drink contribute to our overall state of health as well as our emotional state and well-being, as do the amounts of foods and beverages consumed. An excess of almost any food or drink can present unfavorable health issues.

Placing the focus on a particular food or drink can also present unfavorable health issues. So although our Cheese Lovers Diet Plan is reinforced with cheese, we also were mindful to include foods from the Official Food Pyramid Groups for a healthy bite of nutrition. It works to our advantage that cheese resides in the famous Dairy Group!

Meeting With Your Doctor to Plan Strategy for Weight Loss Results

And we always recommend that before you start any diet plan that you get your doctor's permission first. Page 2


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