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Calories in Pummelo
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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Flavor of Pummelo Much Like a Bitter Grapefruit

Pummelo are much like a grapefruit only they taste a bit bitter to me.

Personally speaking, I've never met a pummelo that I fell in love with; I would much rather opt for the sweet and tasty grapefruit.

They're just not my cup of tea - BUT if you enjoy fruit which isn't bursting with sweetness, the pummelo may be a perfect selection for your weight loss plan.

Culinary Uses, Just as You Use Grapefruit

In the kitchen you would use this fruit in much the same manner as you would the grapefruit.

Nonetheless, the pummelo is quite impressive when it comes to its nutritional values. It rules in the area of Vitamin C; one fruit that is a tab over 600 grams contains almost 400 mgs of Vitamin C. Talk about a cold fighter! This might even grow chest hair.

Pummelo is a Super Food, Rich in Potassium, Dietary Fiber, Vitamin C

That one super fruit only contains a tab over 200 calories and this big boy also contains a significant blast of protein grams - almost five to be exacto.

Dietary fat? Well, it's lacking but as any good dieter knows, this is a very good thing. It's also lacking in caffeine and cholesterol - two more nutritional perks for this big fruit.

Let's not overlook it's potassium content; one fruit contains over 1,300 mgs - move over Mister Banana. Well, almost - because 600 grams of banana contains about 2,148 mg's of potassium.

Nutrition Facts, Calories in Pummelo

Per cup of raw fruit, caloric value equals 70 kcals. There are about 2 grams of protein and almost 20 grams of carbs. Dietary fiber equals 2 grams. This fruit is like most - almost zero fat grams.

One cup will also give you 8 mg's of calcium and 115 mg of Vitamin C. Let's not forget the impressive potassium benefits at 4140 mg's.


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