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Calories in Limes
Vitamin C & Dietary Fiber Content

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Cherry Limeade, Low Calorie Beverage Recipe for Your Diet Plan

I can never think of limes without a delicious and refreshing Cherry Limeade popping into my mind.

They can be made almost calorie-free using water, lime juice and a shot of jarred cherry liquid. Carbonated water can also be substituted for the water to create a fizzy Cherry Limeade.

Lime, an Ingredient Used in Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipes

Lime makes a valuable ingredient when it comes to preparing Chicken Tortilla Soup. It's the secret ingredient that pairs so well with the cilantro in bringing out that delicious unique flavor associated with Tortilla Soup.

Tips for Limes, a Proud Member of the Citrus Family Which Resides in the Fruit Group

The juice of the lime can be used like the lemon in coating foods to prevent browning.

It's also a significant source for Vitamin C. One lime contains about 20 mgs of Vitamin C and 20 tiny calories.

Give one a squeeze today and put a little immunity-boosting citrus into your weight loss plan. Your taste buds will be so glad that you did.

Nutrition Facts & Calories in Limes




Fiber Grams

Vitamin C mg

raw with peel

1 Lime


1.9 grams


Limeade - from concentrate

1 cup


0.0 grams


bottled & unsweetened

1 cup


1.0 grams


fresh juice

1 cup


1.0 grams


Lime Drink Recipe for Dieters

Do you enjoy lime sherbet? If so, add 1/2 cup to a float mug or glass. Add diet soda and fill to the top. You can grate a little lime rind on top if you wish.

This is a delicious, single punch type recipe that can be prepared very quickly and that will satisfy a sweet tooth without sending the dieter in binge mode.


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