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Calories in Kiwifruit
Vitamin C & Fiber Content

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Kiwifruit, a Super Food Low in Calories & Lipids, Perfect Snack for Dieters

Kiwi are a unique super food with a fuzzy outer peeling and a green interior that contains a ring of very tiny edible seeds. Some individuals find these a turn-off but they are so small, that most of the time they aren't noticeable - until you smile.

Kiwi Skins or Peels Edible, But Tough & Lack Flavor

Kiwi are edible with the skin (or peeling) in place but if it's tough it's best removed before serving or it's a bit like eating leather off of combat boots.

Dieting Tips for Kiwifruit

Slices go wonderfully well with several varieties of cheese and they can also add color to a fruit plate or the salad bowl.

For a refreshing drink, peel and run through a blender or food processor.

Kiwifruit contain about 100 calories per cup - or about 60 calories per large specimen and about 45 per medium raw fruit.

They also contain magnesium which works to promote healthy blood pressure so if you suffer from such, try adding this healthy fruit to your snack time in your weight loss plan.

Favorite Quick Low Calorie Recipe Tips for Weight Loss

- Add Splenda to tart-tasting kiwifruit and top with light whipped topping for a healthy dessert.

- Pair with sliced purple plums, peaches and watermelon chunks for a refreshing dessert cup.

Nutrition Facts, Calories in Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi Fruit



Fiber Grams

Vitamin C mg

1 cup




1 large fruit, no skin




1 medium fruit, no skin





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