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Calories in Gooseberries
Vitamin C & Fiber Content

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Gooseberries in their natural state are:

- naturally low in calories & fat

- a good source of Vitamin C & Fiber

- contain zero cholesterol

- naturally low in sodium content

Benefits of Vitamin C

Infection fighter, wound healer, promoter of healthy gums, immunity booster and works hard in enhancing the absorption of iron from foods consumed in the daily diet.

Benefits of Dietary Fiber

Promotes a healthy digestive system, assists in regulating potty time, assists in keep in quelling appetite which makes it a star when it comes to losing weight. Also assists in keeping cholesterol levels in check.

Favorite Quick Low Calorie Recipe Tips for Weight Loss

- Add Splenda to tart-tasting gooseberries and top with light whipped topping for a healthy dessert.

Nutrition Facts & Calories in Gooseberries

One large raw fruit contains 56 calories and 3 fiber grams. You will also receive a plus in the Vitamin C department of 165 mg's.

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