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Calories in Cranberries
Vitamin C & Fiber Content

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Cranberries, Naturally Low in Calories & Lipids

Cranberries are naturally low in caloric values and dietary fat grams.

The issue is however, is that the raw cranberry is quite tart and requires some assistance from a sweetener.

When that sweetening factor is sugar, such as used in dried cranberries, the caloric values spike. But when sugar substitute is used, the values remain low.

Sauces Prepared With Cranberries, Quite High in Calories & Sugar Grams

These are hugely popular during the Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and Easter holidays. When it's not made at home it can be purchased ready-made at the market in whole berry or gelled form.

There are more recipes for cranberry sauce that the moon has cheese. It's quite high in calories - about 600 per small can with only six servings inside; that's 100 calories per serving for that tiny round wheel. But it's so good.

If you're dieting amid this time of year, you might check into the versions which are prepared with a sugar substitute. We're not a fan of sugar substitutes, but when used in moderation they can assist in losing weight.

Naturally Low in Sodium & Contains Zero Cholesterol While a Rich Food Source for Daily Dietary Fiber

The cranberry is also naturally low in sodium content - and of course, sodium is just another fancy word for table salt. It contains zero cholesterol or caffeine, too.

Cranberries are a good source of dietary fiber; one cup of raw will provide more than 5 grams.

Dried cranberries are delicious when tossed into dinner salads, but take care with how many are tossed as they are significant in caloric values due to the sugar content.

Nutrition Facts, Calories in Cranberries

Cranberries - Nutritional Data



Fiber Grams

Vitamin C mg

raw - whole

1 cup




raw - chopped

1 cup




dried, sweetened

1/3 cup





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