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Calories in Blackberries
Vitamin C & Fiber Content

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Healthy Addition to the Dieter's Meal Plate

Blackberries not only add color to the meal plate, they also add nutritional value for a tiny amount of calories. One cup in their natural form contain a skinny 62 calories.

The seed is rather large within the fruit at times, and can be a turn-off for some dieters.

Blackberries are Very Easy to Grow

My father used to raise them; he had a patch about as big as Dallas at one time and the rattlesnakes where he lived loved them too - which was quite scary for someone like me who is terrified of snakes, yet who realizes that they-too have their purpose in the ecosystem.

Even so, that doesn't stop me from being frightened of them, as well as all other snakes.

The prairie rattlers used to come into the berry patch quite often and they have a rather serious bite, as does the black-diamond rattler. I remember when I visited him that we had to always be careful where we stepped and to be mindful where we put our hands.

Excellent Berry for Dessert & Bread Recipes

After the harvest of the blackberries - and my dad's were Texas-sized blackberryzillas, my mom used to make a delicious sweet bread out of them. They were also divine when placed into a bowl and a little sweet cream was added.

As time went by, the blackberry patch died off - but the memories remain.

Blackberries Rich in Dietary Fiber Due to Seeds

Blackberries are an excellent source of dietary fiber grams; one cup in their natural state contains close to 8 grams which is quite impressive.

Enjoy three cups for about 200 calories - and you've reached your daily fiber requirements for most adult individuals.

Nutrition Facts, Calories in Blackberries

Based on 1 Cup Unless Otherwise Noted

Raw Form = 62 kcals, 7.6 dietary fiber grams, 30.2 mg's of Vitamin C.

Canned in Heavy Syrup = 236 kcals, 8.7 dietary fiber grams, 7.2 mg's of Vitamin C.

Frozen, Unsweetened = 97 kcals, 7.5 dietary fiber grams, 4.7 mg's of Vitamin C.

Frozen, Unsweetened, 10 ounce package = 326 kcals, 25.5 dietary fiber grams, 15.8 mg's of Vitamin C.

As we can clearly see, the fruit in its raw, natural state offers the most nutritional benefits. Just look at those immunity-boosting Vitamin C benefits!

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