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Determining the Strengths & Weaknesses
of Your Diet Tree - Page 2

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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5. Sap, Knots, Nicks & Pings Equal Stress Levels

Determining the level of stress that we are under can be a big asset in strengthening our Diet Tree.  

- Stress triggers weight gain.  

- Stress hinders our sleeping pattern.  Individuals that don't get adequate sleep tend to gain weight more than those that do.

- Stress impacts our overall level of health.  And when we don't feel good, we often reach for comfort foods which in turn can generate weight gain.  

Oh - what a viscous circle and it always seems to lead back to weight gain.

Stress can stem from good things, as well as bad things but it's all in how we handle stress that makes or breaks our Diet Tree.

6. Bark Equals Physical Strength

The bark on our Diet Tree helps protect as well as ensure our good health.  To strengthen and thicken your bark, embrace activity choosing something that you will enjoy doing for many moons to come.

The Diet Tree

Diet Tree, Comparing Life & Health

Exercise gets the blood pumping, thus strengthening the heart, lungs, muscles - and even our bones.   Activity is one of the best ways to un-trap gas, speed up a sluggish metabolism, and to spark life itself with energy anew.  Again, the key is choosing an activity that you will stick with.

7. Type of Wood Equals Inner Strength

Ask a carpenter about wood and they can tell us that it's much easier driving a nail through soft wood rather than hardwood.  The type of wood in your Diet Tree equals Inner Strength.  The stronger you are when it comes to eating healthy and taking in a healthy dose of activity - the stronger that your Diet Tree will be.  

You'll feel better.

You'll be less apt to get sick.

You'll be more energized.

All the hard work pays off with healthy dividends!

8. Tree Rings Equal Longevity

For every year that passes, we gain another ring on our Diet Tree.  As we have learned, we have great power over the strengths and weaknesses in our Diet Tree.  We can choose to grow stronger and healthier, or we can implore an unhealthy diet and see our Diet Tree crumbled slowly beneath us.

We encourage you to grow stronger and live longer.  

As we set forth in the beginning of this article, your Diet Tree is like no one else's.  

We recognize that even a healthy diet filled with activity can't always ensure the healthiest specimen.  

Sometimes along the way we all need a bit of nurturing, pruning, and at times grafting. But by striving to reach our highest levels, we can surely achieve the most out of our lives.

And sometimes, our efforts transform into many more years on earth.  And there may even come a time when we hang a swing amid our branches and we carry and protect a little child whose life we can greatly impact by being a pattern for one of the strongest Diet Trees they will ever see!  previous page

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