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Determining the Strengths & Weaknesses
of Your Diet Tree

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

How to harness your Diet Powers and allow Diet Good to triumph over Diet Evil. Grab that magnifying glass!

We can learn a lot about our diet just by looking at a tree.  And what we learn can assist us in meeting our weight loss goals and aspirations.

Your Diet Tree is like no one else's. See if you can spot the strengths and the weaknesses in your Diet Tree, then learn how to make it the best in the Diet Forest of Life!

1. Roots Equal the History of Family Health

Most of us have the opportunity of knowing the health history of our parents and grandparents.  It's the best place to begin when determining the strengths and weaknesses in your Diet Tree.  Think about this...

Every time you visit a new doctor, you can expect to provide information regarding your family's health history.  

You'll be asked to list family diseases, as well as provide answers to questions relating to the longevity of your immediate family such as, "Is your mother living or deceased?"  

These answers assist your doctor in determining certain illness which may be heredity factors that can impact your health.  

Example: If you have a relative with heart disease, automatically your risks for heart disease are increased. However, it doesn't mean that you will get heart disease.

The Diet Tree of Healthy Life

Tree of Life & Improved Health, by Diet Bites

You can use this same information in determining the strengths and weaknesses of your Diet Tree.  Begin by determining the answers to the following questions:

circle03_skyblue.gif What known diseases are in my immediate family?  What about on my mother's side of the family?  My father's side?

Diet Strengthening Tip: If certain diseases are found in your Diet Tree, such as diabetes, you can use that information to alter your diet so that your risks for getting diabetes are greatly reduced.

circle03_skyblue.gif Are your parents currently overweight - or have they been overweight in the past?  What about other family members?

Diet Strengthening Tip: Unfortunately, obesity tends to be an inherited factor.  However, even though one or both parents might be overweight doesn't mean that you'll be OR stay overweight.  The 'Eat to Live' theory is a very good rule of Diet Thumb.   

2. Tree Trunk Equals the Personal Health History

Next, let's examine the trunk of your Diet Tree which represents your personal health history.  Without a favorable level of health, a tree can't grow strong and tall.  Such is your Diet Tree.

Begin by asking yourself the following questions: Have you experienced any changes in your health such as in urination, bowel movements, unexplained rashes, hair loss, dental issues, menstrual issues, miscarriages, heart irregularities, and so forth?  If so, you'll want to address any health concerns with your doctor who can advise you on the best methods of strengthening your level of health, as well as your diet.

3. Branches Equal Eating Habits

By embracing healthy eating habits, the branches in our Diet Tree actually reach out towards good health!  If you're not used to a healthy daily diet, it may take some adjusting.  

There will times when you may feel cranky, or hungry, or stressful about the inability to grab whatever goody suits your mood, then enjoying all that you wish.  However, by sticking with a healthy diet, you may avoid health issues which are far more uncomfortable than resisting that delectable goody. Diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure are things that you can do without.

Begin your healthy diet by enjoying three balanced meals each day, along with a couple of healthy snacks such as a piece of fresh fruit.  

Earmark Diet Bites which is plum-full of recipes, tips and free diet menus intended to lend you support for weight loss, as well as weight maintenance.

4. Leaves Equal Environment

There is nothing quite as solemn as a tree who lies naked in the summer.  When we think of leaves on our Diet Tree, we should think in terms of a tree that keeps its leaves on all year round - such as a Live Oak.  

If you find that your spirits aren't where they need to be take a look at your job, your family life, your spiritual life.  Are you where you want to be OR do you have a plan to get there?  Are your aspirations too tall?  Are they doable?  Do you really need everything you want?  Will a small car with a cheaper price tag fit the budget OR do you just have to have the giant bigfoot? Keep in mind that:

circle03_skyblue.gif Life is short and we can work all our life for monetary things, missing the true beauty and joy of life.
circle03_skyblue.gif If we aren't enjoying what we're doing, it just isn't fun.  Find fun.  Make it work and make it happen.
circle03_skyblue.gif Newness tends to wear off quickly and that once-beloved Material Thing can quickly transform into The Thing.

Whenever the leaves on our Diet Tree begin to turn colors and fall off, our diet is greatly impacted, as well as our good health. Strive to enjoy life .continue

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