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High Blood Pressure - Unsafe Readings

Written by Diet Bites

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure Not Pronounced

High blood pressure (hypertension) is generally discovered on a routine visit to the doctor's office as symptoms are not generally pronounced. This is why it is often referred to as 'the silent killer'.

The doctor prescribes a little miracle pill, then we're on our way.  

The doctor may even recommend a diet lower in sodium, fat and calories to help naturally reduce blood pressure to healthy levels.  

Activity & Exercise Impacts Blood Pressure Favorably

More activity may also be recommended to help strengthen the body, assist in dropping those extra pounds, as well as in aiding our blood pressure to sink to manageable levels.

However, it is vital that you learn what is causing your blood pressure to be so high. Learning this information will not only enhance your life, it may also extend life span. Ask your doctor the following questions.

Why is Your Blood Pressure High?

What is causing your blood pressure to be high? Is it weight? Too much sodium in the diet? Heredity? OR, do you have a hidden medical condition? Are you consuming too much alcohol? Are you under too much stress?

It is equally vital that you get your blood pressure under control because high blood pressure can lead to further issues which negatively impact health such as cardiovascular disease, circulatory issues, strokes, kidney disease and eye problems.  High blood pressure puts strain on the heart.

Although high blood pressure may not present symptoms, in some cases where an individual experiences severe high blood pressure they may black out, have a throbbing headache or have blurred or impaired vision.

Thin people are not exempt from high blood pressure, so if you are thin you'll want to get your blood pressure checked to ensure your good health.

Underlying Diseases Related to Secondary Hypertension

  • Arteriosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries
  • Kidney abnormality
  • Aorta defect
  • Adrenal tumors

Low blood pressure can be equally as dangerous as high blood pressure.

 The chart below provides some examples for reference. Only your doctor can determine if you have high or low blood pressure.  A blood pressure reading that may appear too low for one individual may be normal for another.

Stages, Readings for Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure



BP Reading Examples

Normal Blood Pressure

90 - 120

60 -80


Pre-Hypertension Stage




Level 1 Hypertension




Level 2 Hypertension

160 or more

100 or more


Low Blood Pressure

89 or less

59 or less


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