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On a Diet? Easy Philly Steak n Cheese Sandwiches

Written by Diet Bites

How to Prepare Our Easy Philly Steak & Cheese Sandwich

This low fat, low calorie recipe for Philly Cheese Steak is ultra easy and will feed one hungry person OR one hungry village in a flash!

If you are cooking for one, use your favorite bread.  If you are preparing Phillys for a bunch, create a fun meal by allowing everyone at the table to personalize their sandwich.  This can be accomplished by adding an assortment of breads, a plate of sliced tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and au jus dipping sauce to the table.

We used a French loaf that had been pre-sliced at the bakery that contained 40 calories per slice. This was not a reduced-calorie bread. Because the bread was so low in calories, we enjoyed 2 Philly Steak n Cheese sandwiches each.

Simply spray the bread on both sides with butter-flavored cooking spray and toast on the stove-top as you would buttered bread.  After bread turns a golden-brown, remove and place on serving plate.

Next, add the chopped onions and more cooking spray if needed.  When onions become translucent, add 1 slice of roast beef to one side of the pan, then flip after it is warm.  Top with a bit of the onions, then 1/2 slice of white American cheese.  We used the 70-calorie variety.  Next, simply create your sandwich by placing meat in between the toast.

If a more traditional Philly is desired, add 1/4 cup of bell peppers to the onions.

The bread may also be brushed with a bit of olive oil rather than the cooking spray, which also adds another level of healthy goodness to the sandwich for minimal calories.

The roast beef can be purchased from the market deli.  We purchased our package at Wal-Mart in the deli section for $2.50.  The package contained enough roast beef for our Phillys, as well as another meal of sandwiches.

Ingredients for Diet-Wise Philly Steak n Cheese

1 package of roast beef thinly sliced
white American cheese (or skim mozzarella)
butter flavored cooking spray

One Philly Steak n Cheese sandwich prepared with 40-calorie per slice French bread, 1/2 slice of cheese and onions, and roast beef contains about 150 calories.  Wow!  What a Diet Deal.

To calculate the calories in your Philly, simply add up the bread calories, the beef calories and the cheese calories.  If you use onions and bell peppers: 1/2 cup of onions: 30 calories; 1/4 cup of bell pepper: 14 calories

Au Jus Dipping Sauce Recipe for Dieters

 Packaged au jus mix OR canned au jus gravy can be used by those who can't attack their Philly without it.  A 1/4 cup serving contains a scant 10 calories on average and tends to be not only lower in calories, but lower in sodium and fat that typical beef gravy.

If you have the time, we've conjured up this tasty recipe for au jus dipping sauce that not only makes a delicious dip for your sandwich - it also will provide the meat itself for the Philly.  Grab your slow cooker and in less than five minutes, you're done!

We strongly suggest using eye-round roast as it contains less calories and fat than other roast cuts.  See our reference table below to help determine calories based on serving size.  

Ingredients for Au Jus Sauce

approximately 3 pounds of your favorite cut of lean roast from the market
3/4 cup of soy sauce (typically 7-10 calories per Tablespoon)
1 bay leaf
1 cup of chopped onion (or use about 1/4 cup of dried onion)
cracked pepper to suit personal taste
5 cups of water
1 sprig of fresh rosemary (optional)
1 Tablespoon of balsamic vinegar (optional)

Cook in slow cooker at lowest setting for approximately 7-8 hours or until tender and done throughout.

Calories in Roast Cuts - Lean Meat Only

Based on Three Ounce Serving

Roast Cut

Calories, Kcals

Carb & Fiber g

Protein g

Total Fat g

Blade Roast





Bottom Round Roast





Eye Round Roast





Pot Roast, Arm





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