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Are You Setting Your Target Weight Too Low?

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

How setting target weight loss numbers higher can set the pace for weight loss success. An original Weight Loss Tip from Diet Bites.

If you're like most dieters you start your diet with a certain number that you want to reach on the weight loss scales.

Checking the recommended weight charts, you grab the lowest number on the chart for your height - or the number based on frame size. We're using a medium size body frame in our data chart below. More notes on this after the data chart.

While this method for setting a target weight loss goal may be ideal for an individual losing a few pounds, it may be frustrating for a dieter in need of losing many pounds.  

Tip That Makes Losing Weight Easier, More Reachable

If you've experienced the frustration of trying to reach a target weight that appears so far away that you feel like you need a magnifying glass just to see it, we've got an easy suggestion that will allow you to reach your target weight loss goal much easier.

By simply choosing the highest recommended number on the weight chart, your diet motivation will be boosted, and weight loss will simply be more doable.  And a doable diet is a successful diet.

Once you reach your target weight number, you can choose to lose more weight if necessary.  

Then again, the target number may just be perfect.  

Based on the Diet Bites' weight charts, the following represents the highest number for recommended weight based on height and sex. Due to muscle and brawn, guys weigh a bit more.  

Target Weights for Women & Men

Height In
Feet & Inches
5'0" 137


5'1" 140


5'2" 143 150
5'3" 147 153
5'4" 151 156
5'5" 155 160
5'6" 159 164
5'7" 163 168
5'8" 167 172
5'9" 170 176
5'10" 173 180
5'11" 176 184
6'0" 179 188









Differences in Body Weight for Men & Women

Lucky guys - we see that the 5 '9" in height body weight for males is 176 pounds. For women, it's about 6 pounds less.

There is one other influencing factor that enters the body size equation - the size of the frame of our body.

We've talked about muscle mass weight, and in turn the bones of the body weigh heavier for an individual who has a small versus large bones.

Keep in mind that there is tons of wiggle room where body weight is involved.

While the target weight in our chart for a man who is 6' 4" in height is 207 pounds, if they are quite muscular and if they have a large body frame size - and if they are young, they may weigh 235 pounds and still be at their healthy weight.

Many weight lifters exceed 200 pounds and are still considered as healthy individuals.

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