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Diet Choices for Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

How making little healthy choices adds up to big weight loss.

Kurt made a face at the full-length body as he studied his flabby form. How the heck did this happen?

Well, he had to admit that it didn't happen overnight.  

More like, one day at a time.  All those parties, that extra beer, and those family get-together's had slowly but surely packed unwanted pounds onto his frame.  

He supposed that he must have gained a good fifty pounds in the last three months.

Time to Get Serious About Dieting

And now, it appeared that the Diet Devil had arrived to collect his payment in the form of a diet.

Kurt cringed.  He hated diets.  Every time he went on one, he lost all his weight, then gained back everything he lost and more.

In fact, dieting was probably the real reason he was overweight he went on to decide, thoughts of his grandmother's tasty apple pie parading through his thoughts.  

Nonetheless, time to pay the Diet Fiddler....img6.gif

Later that day, Kurt spoke with an Internet-World-Renowned Diet Guru, Sky Taylor.  

As she shared her weight loss success story with him, he quickly knew that this chick had all her marbles when it came to losing weight, as well as keeping the weight off.

Keeping the Excess Fat Off Permanently - One Final Diet Plan

What was her secret?  What did she know that he didn't?  Why hadn't she gained back the weight during all these years - more than a decade ago, at that?  

She was a shorty, too - not more than 5' tall.  And he knew that the shorter a body was, the more difficult it was to maintain a healthy weight.

So he asked her for some advice.  How could he drop the unwanted weight (without suffering too much), then keep it off like she had?

Taking Dieting One Day at a Time, Never Lose Patience & Boost Your Willpower Daily

Sky told him her secret, which she claimed really wasn't a secret at all because it was posted all over the Internet.  

She advised Kurt to take dieting one day at a time. Every day, Kurt should wake up and enjoy a healthy breakfast, enjoy a healthy lunch, enjoy a healthy dinner - and a couple of healthy snacks in-between.

Count Calories, Exercise, Make Healthy Food & Beverage Choices

Sky went on to tell him that everyday she added up her calories, that with practice he would be able to tally up his daily calories very quickly.  Without a book, even.

She went on to tell him to take up an activity that he really enjoyed - something that he would stick to in winter, summer, spring and fall AND through rain, sleet, snow or hail.  

Sky also told him that losing weight was as simple as making small choices in his daily diet. Choosing a healthy piece of fruit over a bowl of banana pudding - not that she didn't adore banana pudding.  It's just that she knew how much to enjoy without going overboard.

Kurt left with his Diet Spirits renewed, and of course went on to drop all his weight in record time.  Taking Sky's advice, he made small healthy choices each day in his diet.

Before now, he hadn't recognized the control he had over his diet. And it was fun, making the food choices.

When the holidays rolled around and he was presented with the opportunity to enjoy a piece of Grandmother's homemade apple pie, did he pass it up? No!  However, this time he enjoyed one slice.

 And if he wanted another, there was always tomorrow.

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