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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Hector is so pleased with his body that his body is all that he thinks about.  

Whenever he is at the gym, he watches his muscles throb and pulsate as he lifts the weights. Over and over again. And yes, again.

Hector feels that his body is so hot-looking that he even frets about covering it up with clothes so most of the time when he's home, he just parades around the house in his swim trunks.

How did Hector acquire such a trim body? Let's see what makes Hector's body sizzle...

His diet.  

Hector knows that a healthy diet equals a healthy body.

Even if he sticks to the number of calories that his body requires in order to maintain his recommended weight, if he feasts on donuts and pies and cakes and cookies rather than the basic five healthy food groups, he's going to end up with an unhealthy body which in turn equals a sickly body. Who wants that?

We have posted a picture of the American Food Pyramid below for your quick reference - so that you can easily see the types of food that go into a healthy weight loss plan - as well as a weight maintenance plan.

A healthy diet is not only losing weight - but eating every remaining day of our life in a healthy manner. To lose weight forever, we must be willing to make a life change, or it's likely to return with a fury.


Hector spends almost as much time exercising as he does admiring his body. Lifting weights, lifting mirrors - it all adds up to a healthy body.

However, while moderate exercise and activity does a body great - too much can tip our joints over the edge. Many athletes are knee and hip replacement patients - so use your brain and exercise wisely.

As a side note, we have a neighbor who walks five miles per day, no matter what. He's in his mid-life and on his second set of knees.

Yes, he is very thin, but he has paid the price in other areas of his body. Fact is, the human body is a rather difficult and fragile machine, not intended to be overworked. We are, simply put, human.


Exercise assists Hector in shaping his body into a lean machine. But it's virtually impossible to work every muscle in our body every day. We work on those which define the body and make it look its best - but it's doubtful that we'll be working every muscle in our face as well as in other areas in one given day.

State of mind.  

Hector is confident with his diet, his body and his exercise routine.  All of these simple things equal a great well of self-confidence.

So many times when we gain weight we lose our self-confidence. It's time to get it back if you're feeling this way.


Yes, unfortunately, Hector is so caught up in his body that he has become obsessed. Oh, it's a very good thing that he watches his diet, that he exercises and tones, but it's an unhealthy state of mind when an individual is only able to concentrate upon 'moi'.

In Summary

Although we should strive to obtain a healthy diet and body, we should equally strive to keep in mind that we are human. Whenever we reach a point that is ultra lofty, just one slip and we're in for a hard fall. Keeping that in mind, Hector teaches us the importance of moderation.  

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