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Diet Temptation, a Beautiful Thing

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Temptation, a Good Element of Dieting

When the word 'temptation' springs to mind, most of us automatically conjure up an evil scenario.

However, Temptation is actually a beautiful thing - particularly to dieters.

If Temptation were ugly, we wouldn't be tempted, now would we?

Second Helpings, Binge Temptation

In the case of Diet Temptation, the Temptor may be anything from a second helping from the dinner table to a lonely-looking cupcake.  

Beautiful, yet Diet Deadly.....

Whenever Temptation strikes, we are generally searching for it.  

We may even be staring it in the face, but are unable to recognize it. And when we seek Temptation, it's generally due to something lacking in our personal life, particularly in the area of Diet Temptation.

So the next time that you feel that you just have to have that lonely looking cupcake or that second helping at the dinner table, pause and ask yourself some of the following questions.

Diet Plan That is Severe is Just Asking for a Binge

Have I been too harsh with my diet? Are my calories too restrictive? If so, you're at a very high risk for binge. Keep in mind that about 98% of weight loss plans fail - and this is how they end, in a binge.

Is my weight loss plan boring? Is that why I'm seeking a little Diet Naughtiness?

Am I really hungry?  Do I WANT or do I NEED that extra helping?

If I succumb to Diet Temptation, will I forget about my healthy diet?  Will I be willing to work off any extra calories that are the result of my Diet Temptation?

Will I feel bad about myself if I give in to Diet Temptation?

How bad to I really want to lose weight?

In Summary

Many times, the prerequisite to Diet Temptation is the result of a dieter being far too strict with their diet plan.  

Whenever a dieter employs a GOOD diet plan, weight loss becomes a positive rather than a negative experience.  Therefore, if you feel tempted to grab that no-no, take a good look at your diet plan.  

Ensure that you are eating sufficient calories each day. Be sure to include healthy snacks.

And when you just can't say no to Diet Temptation, calculate those calories into your overall daily calories to ensure that YOU are in control of your diet plan rather than Diet Temptation.

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