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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Pretty, Fit Girl vs Handsome, Fat Male

Jane wouldn't give Jim a second glance - much less the time of day. Whenever their paths crossed on the beach, his gut looked like he had just swallowed a beach ball.

Yep. He was in deep Diet Voodoo, and the fact that she was practically perfect made her swell with pride.

Jim had been coming to the beach for his swim for about a month now.

Exercising, Working to Obtain a Thinner, Healthier Body

Swimming wasn't what he considered exercise - rather simple enjoyment.

He had about forty more pounds to drop, but even after accomplishing that he intended to continue to come to the beach.

Once summer ended, he knew he would enjoy those long walks on the beach.

Walking with a new girlfriend was something that he looked forward to, yet no one had caught his eye just yet.

There wasone rather snobbish girl on the beach who the hunky lifeguard had referred to as 'Jane' over the last few weeks.

Jim had went out of his way to introduce himself to her, thinking that she might enjoy swimming with him every now and then, but Jane had only snubbed him.

He thought that Jane probably had a different motive in mind when it came to spending time on the beach. She appeared to be launching a search for the best looking hunk while Jim was content to get in some healthy activity and trim down. 

Would a Beautiful Woman Still Be Treated With the Same Flattering Attention if She Gained Weight?

Vain Jane. She had a trim body and a crafty heart. And he had to wonder that if Jane gained fifty pounds if she would still see others in the same light.

Well, he knew one thing.  Soon, he'd be the most handsome hunk on the beach. Oh, he wouldn't snub Jane - just wasn't in his character.

But he would keep his eye out for a lady with a good heart, no matter what she weighed.

No matter what you weigh, remain your sweet, easy going self.

No one appreciates it when another individual exhibits an arrogant manner towards them, making them feel inferior. This is generally due to an emotional disorder based on the arrogant individual's own issues of insecurity. When they make another human being feel like a crumball, it exudes a feeling of power within.

Other examples of power abusers are certain bosses or superiors at work who have no business overseeing others as they have serious emotional issues that they need help with.

Avoid these types of people at all costs. They will only serve to pop your balloon - and when you avoid them, that's pretty-much, getting their goat. Never give people of this nature the element of being empowered as they will crush you like a giant steamroller.

Remember - you're the cute bunny that they are jealous of - and they are the wolf. A danger wolf, but one that has been de-fanged is as harmless as a butterfly.

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