Summer Dieting Tips

Those Diet Days of August, Thinking Out of the Box for Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Snazzy weight loss tips to help get you through the month of August.

Need some Diet Bites - Hot weight loss tips for August. weight loss tips for August?  Diet Bites has a few sizzling tips that we've been heating up just for you - to help keep hidden Diet Dangers out of your weight loss plan.  

Here are our Diet Bites - Hot weight loss tips for August. summer tips to douse those Diet Dog Days of August.

Reach for Prepared Foods to Avoid Binge & Quell the Hunger Jitters

Diet Bites - Hot weight loss tips for August.Think "out of the box" to lose weight! Prepackaged foods are tempting to purchase because they are quick to prepare, but may contain more fat and calories than nutritional value.

Although we don't want to be chained to a hot kitchen during the summer months, your weight loss plan doesn't need hidden cheeses, hidden sauces, and hidden gravy calories in the mix.  

If you want a quick snack then go natural!  Most natural foods can be eaten hot or cold, such as sweet delectable fruits and crunchy veggies - which brings us to our next cool weight loss tip....

Choose Fresh Fruits & Vegetables During Hot Months to Cool the Heat

Diet Bites - Hot weight loss tips for August.Crunch down and lighten up with fresh, natural goodness from fresh fruits and veggies. Healthy yogurt makes a tasty, tangy dip - but read the label before dipping.  Look for key diet words, such as 'skim milk, fat free, and sugar free'.

Time to Drag Out the Grill

Diet Bites - Hot weight loss tips for August.Grilling is an ultra healthy cooking method for anyone watching their waistline. But those innocent looking meat and veggie marinating sauces will douse a good deal of the weight loss benefits from your grilling excursion.   

When you do use prepared sauces and marinates, use sparingly - or create your own low calorie recipes using fresh fruit such as crushed pineapple and spoon of brown sugar. Don't forget to don your "Kiss the Diet Cook" apron!

Enjoy a Low Calorie, Dairy-Rich Slimming Diet Shake

Diet Bites - Hot weight loss tips for August.Whip up a slimming shake in a flash. One of our favorite recipes is: a handful of frozen strawberries, 3/4 cup of skim milk, 3 packets of Splenda and 2 small ice cubes. Toss into the blender and whirl until thick. The slim shake contains a skinny 100 calories.

Low Calorie Desserts

Diet Bites - Hot weight loss tips for August.Get the jiggles with sugar free gelatin topped with LIGHT topping. Our favorite brand is a trusted one named J-E-L-L-O.  Toss in a bit of 'sink or swim' fruits for a defining difference.  And don't forget that some tasty veggie dishes can be created with gelatin, specifically lemon and lime flavors.

Other Dieting Tips for Summer & Warmer Times of the Year

Make your Summer Diet fun!  Get into the pool, have some balloon fights with your mother-in-law, spouse or kids, walk through the sunset, play golf, take a walk in the woods, do the hula OR the hula-hoop, or go skating at your local park.  

Keep up the good work on your Diet Plan. Weight loss is just a sunset away and one of the best times to diet in the year happens to be amid the hotter weather when salads are welcomed at the table along with cold soups, lean slices of meat, low fat cheese and chunks of crusty bread.

When the weather is warm, it's much easier to get in a good dose of exercise. Even if you can fit a short walk into your busy schedule, your body will look and feel better for your efforts.

Soon, summer will pass and if you stay true to your weight loss plan from August to September, you could be twenty or more pounds lighter by the time fall arrives. It's vital to get that excess weight off rather than sitting around and fretting about it over a container of chocolate ice cream.

You'll not only feel better and have a spring in your step, you'll look fabulous in your Halloween costume come October.


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