How to Cook Beans &
How to Get Rid of Gas in Beans

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Healthy Fiber-Rich Source

Beans are one of the healthiest choices of foods for dieters. They are rich in necessary nutrients and have the ability to curb appetite so that the dieter will still feel full hours after they have eaten.

Calories, Energy Values of Beans

One serving of beans (mature seeds) is generally 1/2 cup. One serving of most beans contains about 90 to 130 calories per serving.

Exceptions include green and wax bean varieties. These are very small in caloric values - about 20 kcals per serving. They do not hold the dietary fiber benefits of others like the pinto, Northern, Navy or black beans.

How to Cook & Reduce Gas in Beans

When cooked using the stove-top and boiling method with minimal salt added, beans may taste bland. A strip of lean bacon can increase the flavor while not adding an excessive amount of fat and calories.

When my parents cooked beans they added salt pork to the pot then removed it at the end. This will of course add more calories and fat grams to the cooked beans.

And now for a few great bean tips, including how to get rid of gas in beans...

One-half a pound of dried beans equals about 1 cup.

One cup of cooked beans will produce a little over double the amount of beans when fully cooked.

Measure out the amount of beans that you'll need based on servings - or start with a small bag of beans, a large pot, a large spoon for stirring and a strip or two of lean bacon. You can add salt to the beans after they are cooked.

Begin by soaking beans in cool water until they double in size and be sure to change the water frequently to diminish gas.

Beans should be fully cooked in order to cut down on gas-power.

Beano and other over the counter gas fighters might be of great help to those dieting individuals who get a gas over beans.

Low Calorie Recipes for Beans

Serving Suggestions for Beans: corn muffins, cornbread, whole grain bread spread with low fat margarine, pan-roasted meats such as lean beef, chicken or pork.

They also go well with roasted potatoes and carrots.

Don't toss out those leftover beans. Mash them after draining and add Mexican spices such as chili powder and cumin.

Spread the mash onto flat corn shells, top with shredded low fat cheese and add chopped lettuce and tomato. Serve with salsa.

Or leave the beans whole; add spices and serve them in place of meat in tacos and other meat-based recipes.

For example, stuff corn shells with seasoned black beans instead of seasoned ground beef. Add other ingredients to your taco as you normally would do.

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