Written by Sky Taylor at Diet Bites

ATTENTION: NOW RECRUITING 4-F PERSONNEL Your Drill Instructor - Sergeant Slaughter

"This is Sergeant Slaughter! Put that donut down! Yes YOU, Diet Soldier!

Do you want to lose weight?

Well, just how tough are you?  If you cry easily, or if you have a non-diet attitude then fall out!  If not, and you are serious about ditching your overfilled tank, then fall in!  Hup - Two, Three, Four!"

Trying to lose weight and don't know where to start?

Our Diet Boot Camp is very aware of all the obstacles that can block your path to Weight Loss and we try our best to provide you with the Diet Ammo that you'll need to come out on top.

Winning the Weight Loss Battle isn't easy. The road may be filled with tempting cheeseburgers and escaped snakes, BUT when you are aware of what might be ahead, it provides an advantage - an advantage that will help put you over the finish line!

Sergeant Slaughter - who is more bark than bite will use his savvy weight loss tips to help get you through Diet Boot Camp so you can move forward  to meet your weight loss goals. 

So grab a diet soda, or a cup of healthy skim milk, and settle in to explore this unique informational dieting site.  Now, let's get started, shall we?

Dieting, Get Your Gut in Gear

Just look at you, you with the big overhang in front of you. You, tired, lethargic, tv-watching person you!!!

And just look at that butt. What are you trying to do to yourself? Work up to a sumo-wrestler's size?

Sit up straight when I'm talking to you, soldier!  

You know what you need? You need a new attitude - a new food attitude!

The Daily Routine of the Diet Soldier

We're going to work off that gut AND that butt. You're going to start breathing out of your nose rather than your mouth.  

You're going to start saying no to sugar and yes to veggies, and no to butter, and yes to lean unfried meat.

So turn off the tube, grab your walking boots that look brand new, even though they are ten years old, and let's hit the trail, soldier! We're headed out for diet training maneuvers!

Dieting, Surrender To Thin

Don't fight it! Give in to Thin. Your body is crying to break out of the fat mold that it's currently sealed in - one that you constructed BTW.

Some tips to help you get to Thin:

12_o.gifThink before you grab that 'no no' food item.  

12_o.gifStart walking and marching more. Buy a pet for motivation if you need to. I walk my eagle every day.

12_o.gifDevelop a taste for fresh veggies and fruits. Make sure you wash those insecticides away!  Always check your fruit for worm holes.

The Daily Routine of the Diet Soldier

Diet Medal of Honor 12_o.gifDrink water rather than beer, whiskey or ale. Yes, that's easier said that done - but it can be done!

12_o.gifToss that iron skillet into a donation basket along with your other small, but deadly, frying appliances.

12_o.gifBuy some music that you can play while you are exercising.

12_o.gifToss out the iron!  The iron skillet, that is. Why? Because odds are, it's your frying machine and when dieting, you need to hide from fried. Once you have your weight under control, dig that skillet back up. You'll benefit from the iron on those rare frying occasions. Let's go forward, Diet Soldier!

Unwanted Pounds - Ditching That Unwanted Baggage

Too much weight on your body frame will slow you down and make you feel more tired that you should.

As an experiment, go grab a ten pound bag of spuds from your mess hall (i.e. kitchen or pantry).  Now, for the next hour, carry that ten pounds of spuds with you wherever you go, and whatever you do.

Losing weight is about so much more than watching the amount, as well as the types of food, that you eat. Having a positive and motivated outlook can either make or break a Diet Soldier.

Losing weight isn't something that is cut out for sissies.  It takes time, and a lot of Diet Courage.  But when the dieter stays the course, here is what they can expect in way of rewards:

Diet Failure is Not An Option! More energy, more life, more rootin tootin fun!

Diet Failure is Not An Option! Increase in self-pride, self-satisfaction, self-preservation, self-endurance, and self-assurance.

Diet Failure is Not An Option! People claim that they don't judge someone by how they look, or how much they weigh, but we all know the secret.  Yeah, they do. Ditching unwanted pounds can lead to a climb up the Ladder of Success both in personal and public life.

So pick up those spuds! See just what you're lugging around; ditch what you don't need. Believe me, it's definitely worth the hard work and effort. How do you think that I got to be Sergeant?

Foil Weight Gain

Dig out your Diet Silver Bullet to achieve weight loss results! We're talking about aluminum foil - something that all Diet Wise mess-halls are equipped with.

Foil is greatly touted as an answer to messy clean-ups, but we're here to tell you that foil can also save you a barricade of calories in the Diet War on fat.

First of all, foil seals in natural juices from meats, vegetables and even fruits - yielding no need for fatty oils or grease.

Diet Cooking Tip: This cooking tip works well for foods that come pre-breaded and that are sometimes pre-cooked by the manufacturer in oil before packaged - such as battered fish and chicken fingers.

Crinkle up your foil and situate the food on top of the crinkle so that the oils will run into the crumples - thus saving calories and fat intake. Be sure to raise the edges of the foil to trap the oils and to keep them from running out into your oven.

Diet Boot Camp - The Mess Hall & KP Clean-Up


At ease, diet grunts!  Now listen to me very closely because I am only going to say this once.  After my instructions, you WILL return to your quarters and follow through. Any diet soldier that doesn't comply with orders will drop and give me ten!

You WILL remove all grease, lard, and butter from your cupboards. You WILL also remove all sweets and treats from your cupboards, including crème-filled objects, chocolate objects, and anything else that a sugar ant will eat!

Cleaning Out the Pantry

You WILL remove all snacks that have bags that are imprinted with deceptive cartoon animals including cheetahs, pink bunnies, toucans and cuddly looking cows.  

You will remove any object that sticks to your fingers. You will remove any object that leaves grease on your fingers.

Now move it, move it, move it! 

Reporting for Diet Duty!

 Serious about dieting?  Do you really want to lose weight? Then you must report for diet duty!

Have you ever thrown a party and no one showed up?  Well, neither have I.  But for those of us who aren't fiercely loved, this situation may have happened.  All that planning, all the money pumped into decorations, snacks, cakes filled with girls and drinks supporting frilly umbrellas was simply wasted.  

A weight loss plan can be just like that.  Money can be spent, and much effort funneled into the weight loss routine and program.   Don't let this happen to you, Diet Soldier!  Report for duty!  Your hard work will earn you a medal in the form of successful weight loss.  

Diet gadgets may be purchased, as well as books, exercise equipment and black spandex workout suits.  It's all good BUT unless you show up day in and day out, the diet plan, as well as the precious time that was invested - was simply wasted.

There may be times when you feel Diet Battle Fatigue - and that you just can't continue with your diet.  If and when that happens, keep in mind that your prior diet was contributing to a shorter life span, and that although you feel tired of dieting, your body feels much healthier than it did in it's pre-diet stage.

And again, the key to weight loss success is to report for Diet Duty every day.  If you can accomplish this, your diet will not fail.

Beating the Fat Out of Your Diet

Are you known on base as The Crisco Kid? If so, odds are that you're a walking human crispy critter. You probably leave oil marks whenever you handle a paper towel or napkin.

If this sounds like you, it's time to ditch the grease. Time to toss out the barrels of oil. Time to blow up the fry babies, mamas and daddies.

One Tablespoon of most oils contain enough calories - not to mention fat - to equal the items listed below.  

So before you pour in that next heaping spoonful of grease, maybe you'd rather have one of these instead:

Healthier Substitutes for Fat

1 bowl of plain cream of rice
1 large pear or a banana
2 cups of watermelon or cantaloupe

Your Diet Should Be Lean, Green & Mean

Want to add something to your diet that really packs a punch? Try filling up your tank with something green. No - not cash - food. Not only is it healthy, it's also my favorite color.

Green symbolizes life. It adds vitamins and necessary nutrients to your diet with minimal calories.

Most all green veggies and fruits can be eaten raw or cooked. But don't stop there. When cooking, implement various methods to render different tastes and textures to your foods. And if you're overwhelmed with the hungries, try falling back on these tasty greens listed below - and appreciate them! Do you realize how long it took me to create that table? Well, do you? I can't hear you!!!

Healthy Green Things in the Diet for Munchies

Diet Bootcamp  - Basic Diet Training - helping to make your diet plan and weight loss program successful, meaningful & fun! Spinach,Green beans,Squash, Salt n Lime, Cucumbers, Cabbage, Celery Sticks, Peas, Parsley, Turnip Greens, Lima Beans, Bell Pepper, Green Onions, Lettuce, Kiwi and Broccoli.

Cry Babies Don't Lose Weight

Look at you, crying like a big old baby boy!  Do you really think that's going to solve anything? You can cry all day and you can cry all night, but that's not going to do you any good. You big old sissy!  Wussy!  Fraid of your own shadow person!

What else can you do? Move forward!!

You've got some tough decisions to make and once you make them, stick to them. There is no turning back, no diet betrayal because when you betray yourself, well you really betray yourself.

Diet Boot camp Weight Loss Tips 

Stick to your guns.

You will lose weight.

You aren't going to ever be this weight again.

It's time to move forward.

If you've reached this point, then unpin that diaper and toss it aside.  It's time to put on your loincloth and be a real soldier.

Hut, two three four in the morning...

Mommy Can't Help You Now

If you're thinking about going off into the wild blue yonder to return to the Land of Fat & Sugar, then think again! You've committed yourself to my unit and your tour of duty won't end until we've whittled every last extra pound off of you.Diet Boot Camp  - Basic Diet Training - helping to make your diet plan and weight loss program successful,
meaningful & fun!

Quit crying. It's not that tough. I'm not asking you to make a bunk with hospital corners. I'm not asking you to throw on some camouflaged clothing. I'm not asking you to carry heavy gear.

Yes, we have obstacle courses. Yes, we have marches. Yes, we may even have to crawl our way to thinness. But you can do this!  Amid your mine field of stress and diet burnout, look at me! Listen to my directives! You will succeed.

Mind Games & Weight Loss

When dieting, use that brain of yours, Diet Soldier! Your mind is stronger than your stomach. Your stomach may want that second helping, but your mind's will is much tougher than your stomach's wishes.

Dog Tags = Nutrition Label

Think of the label that is wrapped around the food product as its Diet Dog Tag. Taking time to read labels - as well as knowing how to correctly decipher them is time well spent for a Diet Soldier.

A label provides the total calories, the serving size, the fat grams and fat calories, the sodium content, the fiber content - and the ingredients that were used to prepare the product.

Although it may take some time to learn how to interpret  labels, it won't take you long to gather the exact information you are looking for once you learn the basics. Another good tactic for label reading is that you may just discover something that you didn't know about the product - such as it may contain more OR less fat than you'd considered.

How to Prepare for the Battle of the Bulge

Bulges can actually be quite nice. However, not the Battle of the Bulge. Before a soldier goes on a mission, they prepare. Without preparation, the mission would have a next-to-none chance of success.  

If you are thinking about going on a diet, you must prepare. Without preparation, your diet will have a next-to-none chance of success. A few savvy bullet points that will help the dieter prepare for the Battle of the Bulge:

Diet Failure is Not An Option! Think outside of the box. Boxes purchased from your local market usually translate to 'prepared foods'. Prepared foods are generally high in calories, high in fat and contain little nutrition.  Most come complete alright - complete with cheese sauce, cream sauce and rich fattening gravies.  Prepare for weight loss by thinking 'natural foods'.

Diet Failure is Not an Option!


At ease. When your Diet Boots hit the ground, take that as a commitment to your diet or weight loss program and remain firm, and stay the course!  

If you start out with any doubt in your mind that you're not going to reach your goal weight, you're simply starting out on the wrong boot.

Losing weight is about so much more than watching the amount, as well as the types of food, that you eat. Having a positive and motivated mind set can either make or break a Diet Soldier.


Before those Diet Boots hit the ground, ask yourself the following questions:

Diet Failure is Not An Option! How long are you willing to stay on a proven diet plan or weight loss program?

Diet Failure is Not An Option! Are you prepared for those 'weak' moments that all Diet Soldiers experience at some point in their diet plan?

Diet Failure is Not An Option! Can you see yourself at your goal weight? Remember, you must 'already be at that weight in your mind'; it's just going to take some time to get your body there.

Keep motivated; be tough, resist those unhealthy, fatty, high calorie foods and before you know it, you'll be marching to a thinner beat.....

Setting Your Weight Loss Plan Into Motion


So you've finally decided that it's time to ditch all that excess baggage, once and for all. That's the good part.

The bad part is that most diets fail BUT you aren't going to do that! Why not? Because you're a Smart Diet Soldier, one that's prepared for all the Diet Hazards that you're going to encounter.

The Defining Difference

A dieter and a Diet Soldier are entirely two different Diet Animals. What is a Diet Soldier? A Diet Soldier patterns their diet plan closely to what a real soldier lives by daily:

Diet Failure is Not An Option! Are you prepared for those 'weak' moments that all Diet Soldiers experience at some point in their diet plan?

Diet Failure is Not An Option! Can you see yourself at your goal weight? Remember, you must 'already be at that weight in your mind'; it's just going to take some time to get your body there.

Keep motivated; be tough, resist those unhealthy, fatty, high calorie foods and before you know it, you'll be marching to a thinner beat.....

March By Those Cupcakes!

I see you there, looking at those cupcakes through the market store window!  Fall back, Diet Soldier!

Think of those babies as grenades, very tasty grenades. They look good - green always does, especially when it's an icing.

But those innocent-looking dobs of cake are more deadly than a black widow spider on Grandma's leg. They'll kill you in a flash. They have no heart, so they like to take yours.

Yes, it's very hard to resist. But what are you? A sissy or a Diet Soldier?

On Second Thought, Are Cupcakes Really Unhealthy?

This is a nagging question that most every dieter has and the answer is, "It depends on the cupcake recipe AND the amount of cupcake(s) eaten." Here are the Diet Facts:

Diet Failure is Not An Option! Cupcakes tend to be high in calories and fat due to their main ingredients: sugar, oil, flour, eggs and sparkles on top. Your basic cupcake contains about 200 calories and is very small.

Diet Failure is Not An Option! Diet Boot Camp Tips: Limit yourself to one OR mix up your own healthier batch of cupcakes using egg substitute and Splenda. Substitute fresh smashed fruit for the oil and leave out the nuts.

You Want a Medal, Do Ya?

Get those red lips away from me! This is one powerhouse that can't be bought!

12_o.gif So you've slaved, starved and went from fat to flat.  

12_o.gif You've resisted white powdered donuts, fried potatoes and bar-b-qued hot wings.  

12_o.gif You've walked until you've acquired flat feet and a hammertoe.

The Daily Diet

12_o.gif You've sworn off grease, sticky little things, and anything filled with cream.

12_o.gif You've switched from real butter to 'it tastes like butter' - and from real sugar to a 'I Can't Believe it's Not Sugar' product.

So you want a medal, eh? You think you've earned it, I guess. Not yet! The toughest part is yet to come - which is, weight maintenance.

Now fall your skinny-you in gear and let's move it!

Diet Medal of Honor 1. Establish a plan.

2. Stick to your plan.

3. Live with your plan, morning, noon, night, twenty-four seven.

4. Diet Failure is not an option!

5. Don't look back at those cupcakes, Diet Soldier!  Move it, move it!!!

Keeping Your Latrine Gas Free

Do your bathroom walls seem to breathe in and out lately? Do you feel a need to wear a gas mask to the latrine?  Have you ever felt that you should send out for the bomb squad? If so, odds are you're on a diet.  

Dieting has a tendency to add tons of unwanted gas to our system. Our colon is used to crème-filled objects and chocolate flavored items with nut-filled centers. When you venture out on a diet, your system is locked in a temporary state of shock with all that broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and yams you're feeding into it.

Good news! Eventually, your system will adjust and your gas problem will be lessoned to a degree. Until then, try the following, because gas can really be a serious problem:

Eat slowly and avoid sucking in air. Try to gradually introduce your body to foods high in gas. Add a bit of 'Beano' to your food. Just a few drops really works well in vaporizing those gases. Stock up on room spray, earplugs and clothespins.

Explosive Diet Tips

If you feel like you're going to run to the fridge and maul your jar of honey mustard, try one of the following:

-  suck on a piece of hard candy

- drink a cup of soothing tea

- go shopping and visit the clothing department - check out the size you're aiming high for

- eat a couple of cups of veggies either raw or stir-fried in cooking spray-  brush your teeth

- eat 1/2 a cantaloupe

- go for a walk until your senses return

- take a nap

- drink a glass of cool water with some fresh lemon and no calorie sweetener

- wait the hungries out - they usually vanish in about 30 minutes


While recently surfing the net I came across some really bizarre diet findings. These findings come from bona fide weight loss sites as well as miracle weight loss products.

Don't be suckered into falling into one of these pits of false information. Here is a small sampling of things that left a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Again - please folks, don't be suckered into any of the following hell holes:

1. Weight Loss Patch - the patch contains Fucus Vesiculosus, Guarana and Garcinia extracts and Menthol. The ad is filled with large impressive words such as cellulite, lipolytic and vasodilation action, absorption and synthesis of  fat, cholesterol and triglycerides. The large words lend the impression to the potential dieter that the business owner is 'smart'.

And if they have a powerful vocabulary, then surely they are pushing a powerful weight loss product. The patch is guaranteed and costs a mere $30 plus shipping and handling per month.  

If you purchase this product you're either totally insane or a total idiot. If you must spend the money, send it to me where I'll wisely put it to use via wildlife rehabilitation efforts.

2. Zotrin. These people use a mind approach to sell their bogus weight loss products.

The mind approach? They play on men's minds. They make men think that if they diet, some body parts will no longer work as effectively. BUT, if you purchase their product for a tiny $75 plus S&H, you'll keep that high drive while losing weight.

One 'pitch' I read on the product stated that the guy took 2 pills, then only managed to eat a couple of spoons of food because the pills were so effective - so powerful. What's in these miracle bullets? Oyster juice??? Nonetheless, it sounds a bit fishy to me.

3. One site owner made a claim that if you drink 20 glasses of water per day you'd burn 200 calories.

Obviously, all of the water washed the woman's brain away. Her advice could very well be fatal by inducing an imbalance of electrolytes in the body - particularly without incorporating exercise.

Oh, and by the way. I'm certain that she'd care about the diet fatality. Would probably attend the funeral, too. Right? I don't think so.

4. One of the newest gimmicks appears to be weight loss software. And the price can be steep.

5. One weight loss site stated that an individual could lose 27 pounds a week using their weight loss method. Their 'e-material' had even been tested and proven by actors/actresses. Oh - and let's not forget that it's all natural - just like all actors/actresses.

6.  Then there are the sites that recommend giving up a certain food - which will automatically:

a) speed up the metabolism OR,

b) cause instant weight loss because the food was demonized to begin with and should have never been introduced into the diet OR,

c) the elimination of a specific food creates an 'amazing' fat burning engine to fire up. Isn't that amazing?

7. A plethora of 'natural fat burning' products are to be found and can be purchased at prices that will fit anyone's budget: $1 per day - up to your firstborn child.

8. You gotta love the 'take a purge' sites. Losing weight can be as simple as emptying your guts. Just what the overweight individual needs - another eating disorder to add to the one they are currently combating. Geeze!

9.  Herbs, supplements, weight loss  equipment, slimming nutrition bars, vitamins, and things made from exotics such as goats, sharks and snakes - if you can think of it, it's probably out there waiting to take your hard earned $$$$.

10. FDA Targets Words to Look for in 'That Perfect Diet': easy, effortless, guaranteed, miraculous, magical, breakthrough, new discovery, mysterious, exotic, secret, exclusive, ancient, a deal that you can't afford to pass up, unbeatable deal, a steal!

If you see these words, odds are that you are dealing with fraudulent material. Take your money and run to the Diet Jungle!

Getting In Shape for the New Year

Don't wait until the holidays are over before you decide to shape up. 


Because your mother-in-law is coming for the holidays, and that's reason enough. She will not come with a stocking full of cheer. She will come to jeer at you, at that great big pumpkin-looking gut and butt you've grown all year. Do you want to be subjected to that, Diet Soldier? NO!

Besides, she is stronger than you right now, so that must change and so must what you cram into your piehole each day.

So stand tall, Diet Soldier! Stand firm - and while you're at it, firm up those buttocks, that gut and those bat-winged upper arms!  

Here are some regal suggestions to prepare you for the battle of the bulge:

- Toss out all food enemies that might tempt you.

- Stay away from restaurants (including fastfood) until you lose your weight.  Subway worked great for Jared, but can YOU resist those cookies, soldier?? If so, at ease and enjoy - but stick to the 6 grams of fat or lower menu.

- Hide your television remote control and get that butt out into the great outdoors! A sitting butt gathers a lot of moss, and moss weighs very heavily. Grab that backpack and head outside. Go hiking, running, golfing, fishing - anything to get the blood unstagnated.

- Count the cost of what you eat! I've seen diet soldiers fall by the wayside simply because they don't take time to count the calories in the food that they eat. We can argue about fat, about carbs, and about why some people adore Richard Simmons and some people don't, all day and all night - but when it's all said and done, counting calories is the only proven solution to weight loss.

Furthermore, soldiers who count their calories tend to remain slim over those who don't. Why? Because they KNOW the amount of calories they need to fuel their body each day. They know that if they exceed the amount they need, the weight gain will stick to their butts, their hips, their chins, and sometimes places we can't discuss here.

So count those calories! Know what you can eat. Know how much you can eat.

Cry babies should fall to the rear and get a grip. However, if you're still serious, then do it! Dump the weight this year. Quit hanging onto a dream and make it happen, because this is reality.

Ditching Those Love Handles

Can you pinch an inch? What about 6 inches? Can you pinch that, Diet Soldier? If so, it's time to trim the chins and cut the wicks - time to take charge of those Love Handles.

And don't even think about looking at that heart-shaped box filled with chocolates that have the nut centers! Furthermore, Diet Soldier, you'll drop and take ten if you even think about buying a heart shaped box that goes into the clearance section the day after Love Day!

So are you diet ready? Are you diet focused? Sure you are! Remember, with perseverance you can HANDLE those LOVE HANDLES.

March forward! To the produce section - hut two three four  - don't look at your rear!

Healthier Foods  for Snack Time

Other names that love handles are known by:

- spare tire

- sack of potatoes

- the Mother Lode

Definition of Love Handle: A polite expression for unwanted wads of fat.

Exercises to instantly bust up those love handles:

Sorry, Diet Soldier, but there are none. Erasing love handles can only be done via a concentrated diet and weight loss plan. Time will erase the Love Handle embrace.

Using Mr. Head

Much of unwanted weight gets packed onto the body by eating wanted foods. Generally, those wanted foods are consumed outside of scheduled meal times as snacks.

Healthier Foods  for Snack Time

1 bowl of plain cream of wheat
1 large apple OR 1 banana
1/2 of a cantaloupe or honeydew melon
5 toasted marshmallows
1/2 bag of sunflower seeds
1 small baked potato
2 eggs, boiled or scrambled

KP Tips for Nutrition

Leaving the peelings on your vegetables is just one way to pump essential vitamins into your weight loss plan. You'll add texture and a unique taste that's quite earthy - especially if you're like my Aunt Franny who isn't too careful with the spud dirt.

On that note, begin by thoroughly washing your vegetables - not only to remove the dirt, but any harmful chemical sprays as well.  

If your spuds have eyes on them, cut those out as they will add poison to your pot. If your spud looks like a tree is growing from its side, discard and make a trip to your local market for fresh supplies.

Some great examples of how unpeeled veggies can be served include:  

mash unpeeled, cooked spuds into mashed potatoes

serve unpeeled cucumbers sliced, in a bowl of vinegar or in your salads or sandwiches  

serve unpeeled carrots mashed, then sprinkle with cinnamon, Splenda and add no calorie butter

Brown Bagging It

Even the dieter who has the money to dine out every day for lunch, eventually grows tired of the same old fare. There is just something about food from home. For one, it's more comforting than fast food, and for that matter, more comforting than expensive fancy food.

So what can the dieter brown bag that will keep the diet plan in shape? I've got a few randy diet suggestions that are guaranteed to please everyone; yes, even your mother-in-law.  My suggestions for brown bagging it include the following:

Diet Failure is Not An Option! Wraps! Wraps keep for a long while, can be eaten both hot and cold, and if they require heating, they heat up quickly.  

Begin with a flour tortilla, or a corn tortilla (which by the way, contains less than half the calories of most flour tortillas). Next, fill with an assortment of your favorite foods such as chicken salad prepared with LIGHT Mayo - to which has been added a few raisins, a wedge of sliced apple with the skin, and a teaspoon of chopped walnuts.

Diet Failure is Not An Option! On a hot day, try an assortment of cool foods such as skim milk, low fat cottage cheese, fresh fruit with a zippy yogurt dip, celery sticks, carrot sticks and cucumbers with light ranch dressing - and so forth.

Diet Failure is Not An Option! Also experiment with the following: veggie burgers,  roasted chicken breast, baked potato, homemade low fat soups, healthy chicken 'n dumplings and veggie melodies. With all of these healthy choices, you'll be singing all the 'weigh' to the weight loss scales!

Fat Loss Ammo 

This is how a successful diet plan works....  Either you courageously shoot down the unhealthier food choices OR they end up shooting your diet down.  It's all about survival - and the fittest of the fit.

As long as you are sitting on your pink fuzzy sofa, scarfing up chocolates and shoe-string potatoes, weight loss isn't going to fly onto your body. With time, you'll only get bigger and bigger and fatter and fatter. Pretty soon, all you'll be able to fit into will be moo-moos and pup-tents - and we certainly don't want that - DO WE DIET SOLDIER!

Weight loss isn't a breeze and doesn't come freely. It's something that the Diet Soldier must work hard to accomplish. To do such, get out the Big Guns - your diet ammo, that is. Examples include:

- a backup plan should you smell disaster around the Diet Bend

- someone that you can talk to when you're feeling the Diet Blues

- a motivational exercise tape or video to keep you charged & on Diet Fire!

Diet & Weight Loss - KP Tips for Diet Nutrition

Diet Failure is Not An Option!To prepare for your weight loss plan, pledge to yourself that you will STICK TO YOUR DIET GUNS.  

Losing weight isn't a piece of cake (I know). It's hard work, tuff-as-a-t-bone work. 'Wanting' to lose weight just doesn't cut the mustard. The dieter must act upon their well-laid out plan.

A battle requires great planning and great thought. A battle plan takes into consideration that there WILL BE unpredictable hurdles that do come up. With everything is at stake, soldiers stand fast during battle. They don't deter from their plan.

Do they change it up? Of course!

Things change, situations change - and in your personal diet plan, you must also take into consideration that your diet plan may require tweaking from time to time. Just never, ever, never give up!

Diet Failure is Not An Option! Buddy up!  Whether you enlist the support of friends, co-workers, family, the family pet to run or walk by your side, or a gym - support strengthens resolve and determination.

Diet Failure is Not An Option! Prepare for your diet by defining your goal weight, your method for losing weight, and your activity needs to accelerate weight loss and strengthen your body.

Diet Failure is Not An Option! While you are preparing for your diet, also think about your future. Choosing a safe diet plan helps to ensure a healthier you in your future. A risky diet plan does exactly that: It puts you in place for RISK, both now and in the future.

Good luck, Diet Soldier!

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