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Weight Loss Tips for Happy Work Time

'Working' is one of those fuzzy words.  For those who have back-breaking, studly jobs, high energy foods really foot the bill.

But for those who use more brain than brawn on the job, high energy foods can pack on unwanted pounds. And let me tell you, it isn't fun when one grows out of their office chair.

On that note, here are some tips for the Brawn-Challenged that might help fight weight gain at the workplace:

1. Skip on by those Co-worker Treat Jars unless you're performing an intensive trick to earn the treat.

2. Avoid eating at your desk. Besides, there's nothing more embarrassing (if you don't count the chair issue above) than handing your boss an important document stained with mustard, catsup and chocolate chip cookie.

3. Investigate those 100-calorie snacks on the market these days for Snack Time.   Or, take a flirty fruit to indulge in when escaping the Work Madness.

4. If anyone is peddling candy or cookies for a noteworthy cause, you can still donate without scooping up those 527 calories. OR, made a deal with yourself that you'll enjoy bits every now and then.  

When dealing with Girl Scout Cookies, opt for the low calorie, low fat varieties - which are absolutely delicious. We give the Girl Scouts a big thumb's up for offering lower calorie, lowerfat cookie options.

Department or company luncheons can be a Diet Killer - whether they are held at work or at a nearby restaurant.  

5. For restaurants, choose healthy selections and for work - best bring something to the event that you won't feel guilty eating.

6. Holidays are also a Diet Rip, particularly if your company receives tasty food goodies from venders.  

Co-workers also tend to get into the Holiday Spirit by decking the halls and desk ledges with snazzy treats and Mood Food - foods that contain a Holiday Theme.  

If you find yourself locked in total temptation, then visit the restroom and cry it all out.   You'll feel better and will be more apt to get in touch with your Diet Senses. After the holidays are over, that extra weight will look much better to you on your co-worker than on you.

7. If your boss is a meanie, start shopping around for another job. You don't need the stress - and you don't need to work your little heart out for someone who doesn't care about you.

Simply working for another person puts us in a submissive position and idiots like to take advantage of the situation. All the know-how in the world doesn't mean that an individual knows how to handle authority.

8. Once again, that chair we mentioned earlier springs to mind. Be sure that your chair is ergonomically friendly.   When you don't feel your best, you can't perform your best - whether it's a project you're working on, or your diet plan.

Take Time Out for Lunch & Breaks, You'll Be More Likely to Lose Weight Easier

9. Take time for lunch!   If you want to work out, don't botch up nutrition by eating on the run, then running while you should be eating.   Break it up - 1/2 lunch and 1/2 activity time.  

10. Although activity is imperative to fitness, the daily diet provides the most impact on how we feel, how much we weigh, and how we look - from our skin tone to our hair and nails. Genes tend to rule.  

So with this in mind, we don't encourage individuals to by-pass a healthy diet OR the time necessary to enjoy a healthy diet for Exercise Time.   It's best to enjoy meal time, leaving room for a healthy burst of activity either earlier or later in the day - before or after work.  

This allows concentration on the activity, as well as on the meal.

11. Pack a healthy lunch from home. Include fresh veggies such as baby carrots, fresh fruit such as plums, lean meats, hearty soups, healthy salads  and a low calorie drink.

12. Move about when possible. Hand-deliver papers, take the stairs, park a little further from the building. Make use of the company fitness facilities if you're employer provides such. 


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