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How do skinny people keep skinny? And do they ever experience problems with their weight?

We'll begin by stating that trim and slim doesn't always equate to fitness.

People of all sizes - from thin to recommended size to an overweight state - aren't guaranteed an excellent state of health based on the number of pounds on the bathroom scales.

While some thin people may be in a very poor state of health, an overweight person may actually be considered quite fit. Therefore, there is a lot more to the picture of health than one's physical size.

Let's address the first question. Some individuals battle their underweight size just as aggressively as many overweight individuals.

Rather than working to lose, they work to gain. Their condition may be due to poor dietary habits, a medical condition or a fast metabolic rate. Or, they may have genes that lean towards thinness.

Sometimes, Weight Gain is Due to Health Issues/Disturbances

In some situation, an underweight condition may actually indicate some serious health issues such as an eating disorder which requires professional intervention.

For this article, let's assume that by the term 'skinny' that the discussion is about people who are within their recommended range of healthy weight. So how do they maintain their sleek shape?

Many, particularly smaller and shorter women, simply cannot eat a lot of food or drink without gaining. And the older one gets, the more challenging weight management becomes.

For example, Jeanie is a sixty year old smaller woman. If her day does not contain a lot of activity, if she goes over 1250 calories for the day then she will be at risk for gaining.

This is a paltry amount of kcals and is challenging when planning meals. So, being hungry and resisting eating is one reason how some retain their recommended size.

And it's difficult for Jeanie when someone orders pizza and she has reached her caloric values for the day and has to resist.

We all know the feeling when we enter the movie house and the delicious scent of hot buttered popcorn is filling the air. It's very difficult to resist purchasing a tub of love.

Other reasons include embracing activity as well as having a hobby that takes the brain off of eating.

As to the second part question, the answer is yes - people at their recommended healthy size do experience weight related issues. In today's society, with food and drink at our fingertips - and with advertisements that constantly temp our appetite, it's a delicate balancing act and at times, it can be very difficult to say 'no thanks'.

The Gene Pool, Heredity & Weight

Overweight people, healthy-weight people and skinny people - all of us are impacted by our gene pool in one way or another. Heredity plays a big role in determining whether we will be more inclined to be thin or not-so-thin.

However, the genes are just one piece of the Weight Puzzle.

Just because our family tends to run on the plump side doesn't mean that we will.  It may take a little more effort to retain or obtain a 'thinner me' but it's achievable.

As far as health issues go, skinny people face many of the same risks that overweight people face - including diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack.  

Although most people dream of being thin, as we commented earlier - many individuals strive to gain. For them, it's as much as an effort to gain as it for the overweight person to lose.

We also want to emphasize that charts for determining ideal pounds should only be used as a guide and just because a chart lists a particular number for your height and body frame size, it doesn't mean that the number is going to be your perfect size.

That number may actually be too little for your body. And above all, the dieter should always aim for attaining a healthy body.


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