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Rapid Weight Loss

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Getting Pounds Off Quickly

When an individual decides to go on a restricted diet plan, they almost always want to get the weight off as quickly as possible.  

But rapid weight loss doesn't always equate to permanent weightloss.

Here are just a few reasons why:

Rapid weight loss generally comes in the form water weight loss. We can pick up a gallon of drinking water to see just how much water weighs.

Losing pounds too quickly may also cause permanent damage to the body's vital organs, including the heart and brain. It's like an Oz-Thing: Heart, Brain, the Nerve.

Those ofus who have ever experienced rapid weight loss had the courage of the lion, but we were putting the scarecrow and tin man in danger while leaving Dorothy and Toto eating dust.

We may have succeeded in ditching the fat but along with way we also ditched much of our hair, the luster of our now-yellowed nails as well as a good deal of our tooth enamel.

Heaven only knows what went missing inside the body. If the teeth are any indication - massive loss of bone health. If our saggy muscles are any indication - more likely than not, heart muscle damage. And the list marches forward.

Plans That Stimulate Quick Weight Loss

Many popular diets, including fad and carbohydrate restricted diets may stimulate rapid weight loss - but again, any pounds lost generally are in the form of water weight.

Once the plan is terminated, those lost pounds quickly find their way back on the body when the result is water rather than true fat loss.

However, if the weight does not return at a fast rate when the post dieter decides to return to their former eating plan which holds too many calories to support their new, thinner size, then it is likely that those lost pounds were indeed in the form of true fat.

Safe Rate of Fat Loss

A safe rate of weight loss is about two pounds per week. At the beginning of a restricted kcal plan, the individual may actually experience a faster rate of pounds being lost but once the body adjusts, the two pound average usually kicks in.

There are a few exceptions to this rule of thumb; one includes those having a very significant amount to lose - such as over 200 pounds.

We have created a data chart which depicts a 200 pound individual's plan over a period of about six months.

The initial weight was 200 pounds and the goal is set at 140 pounds.

At the outset of the plan they tended to experience more success in losing at a faster rate; however - as the weeks went by and the body continued to adjust the end result was about 2 pounds per week of actual fat loss.

Data Copyrighted by Diet Bites

An interesting thing about the body is that when we aim for rapid weight loss using a very strict diet, it goes into a protection mode and the metabolism slows down so that calories (energy) will be conserved.

Our body is a delicate instrument - and although sometimes we really send it through the mill and back again, if we would only exercise as much patience as the body, obesity would be conquered.


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