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'Loose' Weight

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Losing Loose Weight, Including Causes

Have you ever felt like you were thin but the scales indicated that you had too many pounds on your body?

If so, it's very common.  We prefer to define this feeling of free, light weight as 'Loose Weight'.

So what would make an overweight individual experience a feeling of thinness? Of feeling like they have no need to lose fat?

Moon Phase Impacts Body Weight

Gravity plays a big roll, as does the moon. During a full moon, we actually weigh less - but the amount is so minute that we may not see it on our common bathroom scales.

However, the impact may be sufficient to translate to a feeling of looseness where our body weight is concerned.

Carbohydrates, Sodium Impact Weight

What we ate the day before may also contribute to that loose feeling.

Sodium (salt)

Think about the last time that you enjoyed a bag of chips, salty popcorn or peanuts. The following morning, your fingers were probably so swollen that you may not have been able to remove your rings.

Salt adds up to pounds because it collects water in the body and as we know, water weighs very heavy. So if your meals were lacking salt, that loose weight feeling may stem from that.


Fat loss plans that are restrictive in the area of carbohydrates have been popular for decades.

One of the draws is that at the beginning of the plan, generally a rapid drop in pounds occurs. Now what would trigger that? Is there something really special about these type of fad diets?

Carbs & the Protein Factor

Could it be the addition of so many eggs? Or lean proteins? Meat and eggs are two cornerstones of low carbohydrate plans.

Yes indeed, protein encourages water to be expelled from the human body. Another element which contributes to rapid results spins around carbs.

Whenever we consume them, they react like a sponge, drawing and harboring water. In turn we have an eating plan that is rich in protein grams - thus working to flush out the water. Unfortunately, pounds lost are in the form of water rather than fat. In order to lose fat, the body requires time.

On that note, any fat loss plan which promises quick results in generally constructed on water rather than fat loss.

With this said, that feeling of looseness can be at times, attributed to less salt as well as fewer carbohydrates in the eating plan.

Take note however regarding fad methods for losing as they can place certain individuals - particularly those with hidden illnesses and diseases at high risk, including death.

True Fat Loss

Another reason that an individual may experience that 'Loose Weight' feeling is due to true loss of pounds.

This may occur due to a controlled eating plan, or to illness - or a certain health condition such as clinical depression.

In summary, melting off a few pounds can have us walking lighter on our feet.


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