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Expect to spend about $100 dollars per week while using these popular diet plans.

Are these good methods for losing the fat or are they ho-hum, fly-by-night no-nothings?

Actually, all of the following diets have assisted individuals in dropping pounds and have a fair longevity - as far as fat loss methods go.

Here is a capsule of information surrounding the most popular, and how they work to help an individual lose the fat.

Weight Watchers Diet Plan

With a 40-year track record this method for dropping pounds has revolved over the years, keeping in tune with dieter's needs, as well as successfully competing with other popular plans which have surfaced over the years, most of those which could be classified as of the fad variety and which fade quickly unlike Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers meets weekly, with weekly weigh-ins to track weight loss. Meals are readily available at supermarkets, guidance is provided for those times dieters go restauranting, and dieters benefit from group support while on Weight Watchers.

The Atkins Diet Plan

Based on low carbs for weight loss. This method should not be tackled by anyone without first checking with their doctor as low carbohydrate diet plans can spell trouble for those with diabetes, heart disease and so forth.

The Atkins plan is rich in protein, including eggs which goes against the 'grade' of the official food pyramid. Quick weight loss tends to be in the form of water weight loss and quickly returns after diet is discarded. Even so, the Atkins Diet Plan has helped many an individual drop weight.

The Nutrisystem Diet Plan

This fat loss method is based on the glycemic index and not only has stars singing its praises, but also depicts average people who have achieved weight loss success, including before and after photos. On the Nutrisystem Diet Plan, one can have their chocolate and also be a size 'tu'.

Jenny Craig Diet Plan

At about $140 dollars per week, this plan is a  bit more pricey than most.

The cornerstone is healthy eating which can be carried through life. Perhaps it really does 'pay' to have good health. Because this plan is based on a life-long eating, it's definitely worth a serious look for anyone needing to lose weight.

The Zone Diet Plan

The plan bases weight loss on using a ratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins which act together to target a fat burning zone. It's all about the zone. Please note our comments on the Atkins plan regarding carbohydrate-based modes which may present health issues for some individuals.

The Abs Diet

A fat loss plan with muscle. This method focuses on ditching abdominal fat, which of course is associated with heart disease.   Remember the old apple/pear theory that's proving to be fact?

The Sonoma Diet

A hot fad plan by Dr. Connie Peraglie Gutterson, R.D., Ph.D. inspired by the Mediterranean dietary way of life. The cornerstone of the plan appears to hinge on our basic instincts: enjoyment and appreciation of food.  

The DASH Diet

The method embraces fruit, vegetables and dairy products low in fat, contains 28 healthy daily menus - including recipes and healthy tips. In addition, this plan assists the dieter in product label comprehension, as well in advice for making healthier food choices. 

Smash Diet Review

This four-phase diet is used on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club and begins with a nine-day, natural detox intended to cleanse the body of impurities. Three phases follow in this 90-day program. 

Relacore for Belly Fat Review

Relacore depicts a link between stress and belly fat. The makers of Relacore, the Carter-Reed Company, claim that Relacore with cortisol fights and shrinks belly fat, reduces stress, fights mid-day fatigue, reduces mild anxiety, and reduces certain types of depression while increasing energy.  

The Supermarket Diet

Endorsed by Good Housekeeping, this plan may have you racing to your nearest market with high hopes of weight loss results! And with good reason, too. 

The 3 Day Diet

Can an individual really drop significant pounds in just three days? Safely? And will those pounds stay away? For good?


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