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Diet Recipes: Hot Dog! and Pretzel Rods

If you think that you can't add hot dogs to your eating plan while losing, then think again. As long as Frank arrives in his best-dressed bun looking lean, then it's a go!

Let's take a look at the recipe ingredients that we'll need to prepare our lean hot dog. It's so lean that we even have room to add chili sauce.

Ingredient Recipes for Diet Hot Dogs

8 Hot Dog Buns,and whole grain will add nutritional values.
4 Lean Franks, the leanest available.
Chopped Onions

Relish, sweet or dill

Hot Dog Sauce, low fat - the 10 calories per serving varieties

Mozzarella Cheese, low fat and finely shredded
Pretzel Rods

Preparation Notes

If you don't like pretzels then feel free to add your favorite baked chip to your meal - or a serving of reduced fat cottage cheese if you wish. You can also add a selection of fresh baby vegetables to your meal to get in servings from the Vegetable Group.

As to the franks, if you can't find the lighter versions then go with the one that is the most minimal in caloric content. Slice it in half, lengthwise before cooking and you'll also slice the kcals in half.

Hot dog sauce is very reasonable when it comes to calorie content - about 20 calories per serving for most brands.

If you prefer a certain brand of chili, that will also work but calories may be a bit higher, as well as fat content.

It's Time to Begin Cooking

Let's start preparing the meal by giving four lean franks a quick 'fry' on the stove top using cooking spray, if needed until nice and evenly roasted. You'll want to stand by and ensure that even roasting is achieved. The perfect dawg has to have a perfectly roasted skin.

Serve with warm hot dog sauce, mustard, relish and chopped onions if desired. Add a bit of grated cheese on top of chili. Enjoy with the fun-to-eat pretzel rods.

This recipe serves four for about 400 calories per serving. Be sure to enjoy two fully loaded hot dogs.  Return to Diet Menus - Shopping List

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