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Diet Recipes: Pizzaria, Spring Salad

This recipe can satisfy cravings for Italian style food while still being lean enough to fit into your weight loss plan.

Recipe Ingredients for Diet Pizza

2 Ciabatta Breads, generally found in the deli section.
Pizza Sauce or your favorite red-based Italian sauce.
Pepperoni Slices and the leaner the better.
Reduced Fat Margarine OR Butter Flavored Cooking Spray
Skim Based Mozzarella Cheese, Finely Grated; Italian Seasoned Works Well.

What we like about Ciabatta bread is that it tends to be low in caloric values and fat.

One good-sized roll contains about 200 Kcals and makes a great base for this recipe. If you can find the whole grain variety, you'll be adding more nutritional notes to this recipe.

Begin preparing by slicing the Ciabatta bread

in half. Spread with the reduced fat margarine using a very thin coat. Or, you can coat with cooking spray. Whichever ingredient you choose to use, finish by toasting on the top of the stove (the side spread with margarine or spray). Be sure it reaches a beautiful golden brown stage before removing.

Next, remove and add about a Tablespoon of pizza sauce to each half of the toasted bread. Add the pepperoni slices, then sprinkle on the cheese. Place under broiler or in oven until cheese melts. Top with grated Parmesan cheese if desired for a few more Kcals.

Keeping the Energy Values Minimal

What we're doing is creating four Pizzaria style breads out of two Ciabattas. Using this method keeps the bread Kcals at about 100. Pizza sauce is very nominal in caloric values as it is tomato-based with a few precious spices added.

If we keep a lid on the amount of pepperoni slices that we add, as well as using the leaner offerings in this area, we limit potential Kcals further still.

And finally we have the cheese. By opting for the low fat, the Kcals are reduced yet again.

Let's add a salad to our meal, shall we?

Our Low Calorie Recipe for Spring Salad

Fruit Based OR Low Cal Italian Salad Dressing
8 Cups of Raw Baby Spinach
1 Large Chopped Vine-Ripened Tomato
1 Sliced Hard Boiled Egg
1/3 Cup of Dried Fruit, any variety
1 Tablespoon of Chopped Nuts, any variety

To prepare, simply mix all the above ingredients. Separate into four pretty salad bowls and serve with one of the Pizzaria breads.

This meal is so light that you'll have room for dessert! We suggest angel food cake topped with fresh strawberries and a spoon of light whipped topping or reduced fat whipped cream.

These recipes serve four individuals for about 350 calories per serving; that's for one Pizzaria and one-fourth of the salad mix. Kcals are based on using light salad dressing at not more than 80 calories per serving.  Return to Diet Menus - Shopping List


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