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Cutting Calories in Egg Salad
Tuna Salad & Pimento Cheese

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Are you searching for some usable, doable tips for your weight loss plan?

You know, those are the best kind to input into your plan. While walking backwards five thousand steps per day can burn a whole lot of calories, it's just not going to be doable over the long term.

And when it comes to achieving fitness results, they need to be of the permanent variety - not just utilized amid the dieting phase. Otherwise, once the plan is sent off into the wild blue yonder, the risk for regaining the lost fat increases as time goes by.

On that note, let's discuss some very real, very simple things that anyone can do that will assist in pulling off unwanted pounds.

Simple Weight Loss Tips

Food Spreads Can Cause Skin Spreads

If you have ever gained weight - even amid pregnancy, then you are more likely than not familiar with stretch marks. If you aren't and you wonder what those look like, they appear as thin white lines on the body.

These are areas where more skin was needed to accommodate the building layers of fat as the pounds were added to the body. When gaining is significant, the stretch marks take on a different appearance. They are much wider and look like deep scars.

One of the biggest contributors to stretch marks caused by gaining fat stems from the spreads that we use on our breads as well as other foods.

While a giant blob of full-blown white Mayo can liven up a bowl of cold macaroni, the caloric values are so steep due to the fatty acid content (not the healthiest source of fat distribution, either) that you'll be shorting yourself where nutritional values are concerned.

You should be spending those kcals on healthier foods - and for the amount that Mayo adds to foods - you'll have a nice amount to work with.

Lighter Spreads for Egg & Tuna Salad, Pimento Cheese Spreads

When possible, use mustard instead. All varieties - even the honey mustard variety contains fewer kcals than regular Mayo. And when only the white stuff will do - such as in egg and tuna salad - use the light, reduced fat spreads instead. Kcals can be slashed in half.

Trimming the Bread While Leaving on the Crust

Another tip in keeping energy values low is to choose breads that hover around 60 calories per slice or serving. Some gourmet versions rise over 150 kcals. By the time that two slices are used for the sandwich, we have 300 kcals - just in bread.

At this point, there is little room for proteins, vegetables, dairy and fruit. And by opting for the lower kcal breads - you'll still be receiving the same grain group servings - two.

You'll simply be slashing energy values, allowing room for more food group servings.

If you must toast the bread, try using a low fat margarine to cut kcals further still.

Lean is Mean - That's a Good Thing

Keeping a Lid on Fatty Acids

Choose tuna that is packed in spring water rather than oil.

When making pimento cheese, opt for skim, grated mozzarella cheese.

When making egg salad, use more egg whites than yolks and save not only calories, but cholesterol milligrams as well.

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