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Cutting Calories in Tostadas

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A Low Calorie Food Choice for Dieters

Tostadas are often referred to as Chalupas. They can be a super-duper choice for dieters, containing very few calories.

When dining out, we often enjoy the Taco Bell Tostadas which contain only 200 Kcals per tostada. They tend to be very filling and the serving size is generous.

Trouble Spots for homemade tostadas:

While this entree makes an excellent choice for the meal plate, that is based on using the more healthier ingredients.

And there is another element involved: serving size. Even the most healthy ingredient when consumed in excess amounts can contribute to unwanted pounds.

For example, one of the lowest calorie components of the traditional tostada is the salad mixture that gets piled generously on top.

While one serving contains about 25 Kcals, when an individual has reached their required energy value intake for the day, any overage - even from this healthy salad mix, becomes stored as precious energy in the fat cells.

This energy is reserved for later use, such as when food might not be as plentiful While that was great in the historic ages of time, in the modern world - modern methods of growing foods for the family table ensures that periods of famine are less likely.

Let's look at the trouble areas that have the potential to increase the energy values in Chalupas.

1. Sour cream when not of the reduced fat variety.

2. Using too many refried beans on the entree. A one-half cup serving should suffice if they are well-seasoned.

3. Excess use of regular cheese. One ounce of the stuff contains upwards to 100 Kcals and it doesn't take much to equal an ounce.

The calorie-solution is very simple:

1. Ingredients should always be measured until the dieter is self-confident that they can accurately eyeball the correct serving size. With time, this is something that the majority of individuals can achieve.

2. Reduced fat dairy products should  be used in the recipe over the full-blown, regular versions.

For example, regular sour cream contains 60 Kcals per serving while the same amount of the light version contains 40 Kcals. If we reach for the non-fat variety, then we'll cut values in half.

When following the above tips, a homemade tostada topped with a generous amount of shredded lettuce, onion and tomato contains about 125 calories.

Lower Kcal Chalupa Recipe Ingredients

2 flat corn tortilla shells, heated
1 cup of seasoned refried beans
1/3 Cup of Reduced Fat Mexican Style Cheese
Salad Mix of the following chopped vegetables: 1 vine-ripened tomato, 1/3 cup of cilantro, and 1/2 of a small onion.
Iceberg Lettuce: 2 cups, shredded
Optional Ingredients: pickled jalapeno slices, reduced fat sour cream, salsa, Pico de Gallo, hot sauce.

Heat the beans and spread one-half a cup on each tortilla shell.

Heatl add the salad mixture and then the cheese.

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