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Cutting Calories in Hotdogs

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Love Hot Dogs, Not the Calories

Hotdog - I love hotdogs!  BUT - I sure don't love all the calories that come with the A-Typical variety. 

Let's begin by addressing the areas which have the potential to shoot those Kcals out of the chimney - at times, along with Santa and a few of his well-trained reindeer.

Next, we'll work on reducing the dietary fat in these trouble areas, making our dawg as lean as can be. That's going to make our diet plan a bit more happy - and hey, perhaps even jolly old Santa; we'll go from naughty to nice in a flash, just by using healthier ingredients.

It's a good thing all around, particularly where the numbers on our bathroom scales are concerned - as well as that little black dress or that pair of skinny jeans that we've been wanting to get into for ages.

On that note, it's time to dust the dust off those jeans as well as the little black number and get busy. Grab your notepad because you'll want to take some notes, right? Of course you will!

You'll need a pen or something to write with - yes, the one with the pink feather at the top. Now that we're set, let's get busy.

Hot Dog Hot Spots

hot dogLet's take a gander to our right at a high-end dawg that's oozing with flavor but is far too fatty to fit into our sleek weight loss plan.

First of all, Frank was a bit too plump to begin with and then he was wrapped in a floured blanket that looks like it was hit by a swarm of Aunt Fanny's moths. Large ones.

And then poor Frank was drowned in a vat of cheese. Full-blown at that.

We can do much better in creating a skinnier recipe. First we'll need to take a closer look at the trouble points commonly found in this All-American food. Grab your looking glass and let's start our nutritional investigation.

hamburger  Buns toasted with butter or margarine are going to blow up the buns on the body. That's a fact.

 Dawgs heaped with cheese makes heap-big-mess on woman and guy thighs.

 Big fat winners in big buns equal big trouble at the morning, weekly, monthly, yearly or bi-yearly weigh-in.

 Dawgs smeared with Mayo equals no-no.

 When drowned in a river of fatty chili, even Tarzan can't execute a rescue. It's the old dietary rule of thumb that comes into play at this point: Never cheetah on diet.

A hotdog that is put together with the above ingredients can easily tip the 500 calorie mark. The amount of fatty acids contained therein would be enough to raise the draw-bridge of a respectable castle.

Let's see how we can trim those calories without cutting back on taste.

Cutting Hotdog Calories

 Dry-toast or steam the bun OR use reduced fat margarine for toasting purposes. Better yet, look for fresh buns; Frank will adore them.

 Choose the leanest Frank available and slice in half before roasting to save even more calories.

 Use mustard over Mayo; yellow is much prettier anyway - and you can even go spicy. How attractive is that?

 Use hotdog sauce OR extra lean chili rather than the fatty brew and limit serving size to 2 Tablespoons. If we're really in a chili mood, then ditch Frank and go for it. Most restricted weight loss plans won't have enough room in the area of Kcals for both the dawg and a can of hotdog sauce.

 Limit shredded cheese to a couple of Tablespoons and opt for skim varieties.

 If you're up to withstanding the sodium content, grab the sauerkraut, ketchup and sweet or dill pickle relish. If you haven't yet experienced Bavarian style sauerkraut, lucky you!

There, we've whittled our hotdog calories by about 2/3's the amount. All we need now is a red hot grill!

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