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Cutting Calories in BLT's

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Bacon while dieting?

Are we nuts? Not at all!  A couple of slices of most brands of bacon contains about 60 calories when nuked in the microwave. And a little goes a long way when it comes to flavor.

The classic BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich) is one of our favorite foods for using bacon. But hot spots do exist where this sandwich is concerned, particularly when homemade:

- BLT is drowned in Mayo;

- Bacon on BLT registers T-I-L-T;

- Bread often contains mega calories per slice;

- Buns toasted with butter or full blown margarine.

How to Trim BLT Calories

Let's do a breakdown, observing each area of concern - then address how the situation can be easily remedied so that this classic can fit into your weight loss plan.

Mayo, The White Blob

Now a BLT is not a BLT unless it contains Mayo in our humble opinion - but the white stuff is mined with fat.

Solution: Opting for LIGHT Miracle Whip over full blown Mayo can slash those calories down to about 45 without sacrificing flavor.

Blotting Away Excess Fat

If the bacon is pan fried then it's going to contain a lot more fat - and in turn, a lot more kcals. While a slice of nuked contains about 25 - that same slice can contain up to three times the caloric values when prepared in the frying pan.

When preparing in the good old microwave, be sure to blot away excess oil with a paper towel before placing onto the toasted bread. And be sure to toast the bread in the toaster - without the butter or margarine.  

If you really like the buttery flavor, spray the bread lightly with no calorie butter spray before loading it into the toaster.

Use two slices per sandwich. It should be long enough so that it can be broken in two, thus creating four small slices that fit almost perfectly into the sandwich

Staff of Life

Now we come to the staff of life - bread. Make it whole grain for optimum health benefits. And there is no need to be a stick in the mud and opt for the white stuff time and time again. Try another variety - such as rye bread. It's delicious toasted and adds a new kick to your old classic sandwich.

Pick slices that contain reasonable calories (70 or less). Sunbeam makes a delicious sandwich bread that contains about 50 calories per slice. When using the Sunbeam bread, our BLT is now registering about 225 calories.  What a deal for your weight loss plan!

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