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Identifying Your Eating Plan

Weight loss isn't easy and it helps the dieter to be fueled with motivation to get those pesky pounds off.

This website contains thousands of motivational articles that can help keep the dieter on track, as well as diet tips, weight loss advice and tasty low calorie recipes.

For now, let's focus on that troublesome word that is almost-always at the forefront of our thoughts: DIET.

While it's the common tag for losing weight - every living thing is actually on a diet per say. It's just that this word is so much easier to say than 'restricted diet'.

While the process is relatively simple, executing it is quite challenging. Basically, there is one step to losing pounds: Intake the amount of energy (kcals) required by your body and balance intake with a healthy energy expenditure (exercise).

The Flavors & Textures of Food Making Losing Challenging

So why is losing so challenging? Because food and beverage holds flavor. If all foods were tasteless, we may eat and drink for the textures, but more likely than not we would not overindulge.

A dear friend of mine experienced an accident some forty plus years ago; he was working on the roof of a church and fell through the roof, hitting the concrete.

Miraculously he lived through the ordeal but was in a coma for several months. Amid the fall he lost his ability to taste food. He was a very tall, thin man - so he didn't have any issues with his weight.

Before his accident he didn't like the flavor of tea. Afterwards, he couldn't taste the flavor - but he could sense the texture and found that he really enjoyed the beverage.

Rapid Fat Loss

The chart below can assist in the area of your healthy daily eating plan as well as in losing fat at a safe rate. If you need some motivation - we have that also.

If you're looking to lose weight rapidly then our 'Rapid Weight Loss' article is right up your alley. We'll enter into the world of fast losers and list the risks and pertinent information involving this subject.

If you're looking for a simple free plan for losing, then our Pantry Diet might fit the grocery bill. It's easy to follow and easy on the budget - and we include all the menus along with healthy tips and advice.

We also delve into other issues, facts and statistics associated with dieting such as Flexitarians, the healthier cooking oils and decoding those sometimes-confusing food labels.

Don't forget to bookmark this page so that you can return to read your favorite articles. And only the best of luck to you on your fitness journey!

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