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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Weight Loss Pays in a Big 'Weigh' With Nutrition Research

When you have some 'alone time' disrobe and take stock of your birthday suit in the mirror. Although you may not like what you see, keep in mind that your birthday suit will soon shrink as the days go by while you are on your weight loss plan.

But don't stop there!  

Keep attune to the changing shape of your body. Actually seeing weight loss in progress is a great diet motivator.

But go one better and purchase a swimsuit in the size that you're aiming to be after you reach your weight loss goal.

Because swimsuits are very stretchable - at some point, and depending upon how much weight you need to lose, you'll be able to wiggle inside of the swimsuit.

And once you do, then keep trying it on every few days. You'll be amazed at how your body is actually shrinking along with the number on your weight scales.

Clothing Sizes Based on Weight

Only a few inches separate clothing sizes. For example, a man with a 36" chest would wear a size small shirt. A man with a chest just 10" larger at 46" would wear an extra large shirt.

And if we add 8" to the extra large chest to equal 54" - the man would now wear a triple extra large shirt. Add another 4" and the man would go up to a size 4XL.

As to women's clothing (Misses' size), a size 24 waist is suitable for a size 2 outfit. Add 10" to equal a size 34 waist measurement and the lady would now require a size 18.

Clothing Sizes Based on Pounds & Height

Based on both height and weight alone, a woman would require the following sizes:

Height in Feet & Inches

Weight in Pounds

Garment Size




5'5" to 5'5" and  inches









5'6" to 5'6" and  inches



5'6" to 5'6" and  inches



5'6" to 5'6" and  inches



5'6" to 5'6" and  inches



5'6" to 5'6" and  inches



A petite woman ranging from 5' to 5'4" would require the following sizes based on weight:

125 pounds, Size 12
140 pounds, Size 14
155 pounds, Size 16
170 pounds, Size 18
180 pounds, Size 20
190 pounds, Size 22
215 pounds, Size 24
225 pounds, Size 26
235 pounds, Size 28

In Summary

If you need to lose weight, whatever you do - don't give up on your dream.

Keep motivated. While it might seem that the weight is refusing to budge, it will come off the body eventually as long as you stay focused and remain true to your dieting plan.

The swimsuit experiment is just one of many that can assist in assuring the dieter that what they are doing, that what they are eating OR that what they are not eating in their daily diet is working towards lost pounds.

Other items you can try to measure your weight loss progress include: belts, neck ties, shirts that button at the neckline, blouses that fasten in the wrist area - even bras and undergarments can assist in weight monitoring.

The next time that you're out shopping, take a pair of your undergarment from the rack. Now, take a smaller pair and hold it against your current size. Take an even smaller size - and see how just losing a few pounds can equal a much smaller body.

It requires great motivation and focus to lose weight. By staying on track with your diet plan - you too can be a loser, and being a loser in this arena is a very good thing!


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