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Two Times Two Equals Four
Calories From Grazing
 & Weight Gain

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Oh those pesky calories sure can add up swiftly....

A scoop of green beans here, a spoon of potatoes there. Doesn't seem like much, but those spoon contents really add up.

Failing to count everything that is consumed throughout the day can lead to Diet Failure - and we sure don't want that!  

Let's take a look into the diet life of Jane. She has just turned 45 and finds that weight gain is creeping up on her. Every year she seems to gain another ten pounds. Odd thing is - she never had to be concerned about weight gain in her past.

Could her age be the reason for a slower metabolism and weight gain?

Or is it something more? Or perhaps a combination of both?

Age will indeed contribute to weight gain as the body doesn't operate as proficiently as it did when younger. However, Jane's weight gain issues are related more to negligent calorie consumption more so than ageing. Let's look at one day in the life of Jane's diet.

Throughout the day, Jane will consume a healthy diet of 1,700 calories which will support her recommended weight which she also balances with activity. All is well until Jane arrives at work.

It's that spooky time of year and a co-worker has set out a beautiful crystal jar containing candy corn and roasted peanuts. Jane grabs a tiny handful. But she's not only grabbing candy and nuts - she's also grabbing about 150 calories.

Calories Add Up Quickly

That afternoon Jane decides to visit the company's plush employee break room.

There she prepares her a large cup of coffee mined with rich liquid creamer and sugar substitute. While the sugar substitute won't cost her any calories, the 40 calories per serving creamer certainly will.

Let's add another 100 calories to the total as she was very generous with the creamer - almost 3 Tablespoons for her one cup of coffee.

Throughout the day, Jane fights off hunger pains with two packages of gum.

At 10 calories per stick - for the 10 sticks she has chewed, that's yet another 100 calories.

At 350 calories per day, Jane will gain one pound every 10 days. Even if Jane just chewed the gum - she would still gain one pound every 35 days if the caloric value exceeded her recommended caloric needs.

Another negative is that gum strengthens the muscles in the jaw, making this area of her face appear much larger than it really is. So Jane - put down that gum!

A few pointers to keep calories in check:

- Beware of grabbing tiny candies from co-workers 'Treat Stations' when at work.

- When cooking, resist taste-testing.  Add salt and pepper at the table.

- Beverage calories are often omitted when dieters calculate the total calories - and some beverages come with big calories.

In Summary

Keeping close watch on the number of calories consumed while dieting is vital to the success of your weight loss plan.

Every calorie counts and those that are not used by the body in way of energy needs become stored in those notorious fat cells. Once there, the body blows to new and larger proportions.

A little Portion Control can equal more desirable Body Proportions.


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