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Merge Old Food Favorites
With New Diet Plan
For Successful Fat Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Can you still enjoy former food favorites in your new diet plan?

Dieter Janie had been dieting for about 1 week.  She missed her favorite snacks, particularly those chocolate chip cookies.

At Diet Bites she read that it's a good idea to incorporate those favorite snacks into the diet plan - so she did just that.

So she made an unwise decision by eating more of her food favorites while cutting out meals.

She would allow for the caloric values in her daily totals and stick to her set calorie limit for the day.

The chocolate chip cookies had never tasted so tasty!  Dieter Janie enjoyed two on Monday. And she ate them very, very slowly - to savor each and every delicious nibble and bite.

On Tuesday, she enjoyed 3 and on Wednesday, she enjoyed 4.

On Thursday, she enjoyed 5 and on Friday, one-half dozen.

Janie realized that her favorite foods were cutting into her daily calorie allotment heavily. The chocolate chip cookies were good, but cookies and a couple of salads per day weren't. And the cookies provided little-to-no nutritional values.

Each cookie contained 75 calories. Two cookies contained 150 calories. And six cookies contained 450 calories. For that amount of calories she could have enjoyed any of the following meals:

Hamburger or Cheeseburger

Janie could prepare a healthy burger at home using extra lean ground beef, reduced fat cheese, small hamburger buns, fresh vegetables (onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles) and a smear of mustard.

Or she could even purchase a small kiddy burger at McDonald's or Sonic for about 400 calories. For that matter, she could even enjoy a Fillet-O-Fish all the way at McDonalds for less caloriesthan the six cookies.

Tacos, Beef

Janie could enjoy four homemade tacos on hard corn shells OR three fast food tacos for less than 450 calories.

Roasted Drumsticks, Cottage Cheese & Roll

Janie could enjoy an oven roasted drumstick for 140 calories, a serving of reduced fat cottage cheese for 110 calories and a dinner roll or a slice of whole grain bread with a bit of light margarine for about 100 calories.

Total caloric value equals 350 calories. Oh my Janie - go ahead and enjoy one more oven roasted drumstick.

Beans & Cornbread

Beans contains a scant 110 calories per one-half cup serving. Janie could enjoy a cup of pinto, black, red, dark kidney, navy, Great Northern - or chickpeas plus a wedge of cornbread right out of the oven and smeared with light margarine for far less that 450 calories.

Steak & Potato

Janie could even enjoy three ounces of grilled stead and a small baked potato for less.

In Summary

There comes a time when some of us love our favorite foods so much that it's difficult for us to exercise control. At that point, we must do as Dieter Janie did by telling her chocolate chip cookies, "Buddy, roll on over."

Sometimes, we have to love something enough to let it go....


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