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Believing in Your New Diet Plan
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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The importance in believing in yourself and that you can achieve weight loss success...

We've all seen the commercials where a post-dieter will exclaim, "This can't be me!  I never thought I would ever be this skinny again!"

Of course, the post-dieters are just trying to get a point across that they are pleased with their weight loss results in order to pitch a particular product -  BUT in the real world, before you leap onto the Old Diet Trail, you need to KNOW that you're going to be slimmer again.

So many times, the overweight individual cannot see their self as ever being at their recommended weight.

Some are content to aim for a much larger size than their ideal weight.

This situation is especially applicable for many individuals who have a significant amount of weight to lose - or who have been overweight for a long period of time.

They have seen the same body, the same tummy, the same set of thighs and the same face in the mirror looking back at them for so long, that it's very difficult to imagine a thinner body taking the place of the larger body. But one thing the overweight dieter generally doesn't see are their toes because the tummy is in the way.

This is just one exciting moment involving weight loss - to see that toes are there.

Other exciting moments include the discovery of the collar bone - or the knees that were once hidden in unwanted layers of fat. Even the fingers will require a smaller ring after weight loss, as will the feet where shoes are concerned.

Yes indeed - there are so many wonderful things to discover about a new, thinner body as weight loss progresses. These little thrills and discoveries serve to motivate and propel us towards meeting all of our goals.

But the weight loss journey is never easy.

As with any trip there will be unforeseen incidents and problems along the way.

There will be favorite foods like cheesecake and chocolate donuts that will have to be controlled. If there is a significant amount of weight to lose there will be several weight loss plateaus along the journey.

And of course, life-itself will be busy inserting all sorts of emotions and unpleasantries into our daily routine - things like stress, flat tires, burnt dinners and so forth.

There will be new trails that will require discovery - such as how to best handle negative stress and keep focused on the end-goal.

And even positive stress will throw an occasional curve ball.

There may be a wedding with a tall Italian cream cake that's so tempting that you want to jump into the middle of it and eat until your heart's content. So even positive stress has temptations and the potential for negative impact.

There will also be common dieter's symptoms to hurdle over - such as dieter's breath, feeling famished at times, feeling occasionally weak or deprived - or even upset and aggravated that the body was allowed into a state of obesity - and there is a price to be paid in order to get the body back to the size it was naturally intended to be.

There will be times when old clothes no longer fit - and when the body becomes caught between sizes. Should you purchase the larger size or the size that's a tab too tight - and simply shrink into it as the weight comes off?

And there will be many times when meal time as well as snack time arrives and you'll be presented with making the wisest choices for your diet plan. So many things are involved in the weight loss process and it's vital to stay motivated - to keep on track.

In Summary

Work hard to take all the guess work out of dieting.  Know where you want to go and get there quickly, yet safely.


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