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Losing Weight to Feel Better
Health Risks of Obesity

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Losing weight can bring about all sorts of wonderful things for the body....

Jack was in a world of pain with his back - and if you've ever experienced back pain, you know that there is nothing quite like it.

When Jack visited his doctor, he suggested that Jack go on a diet and loose at least 25 pounds.

Jack did as his doctor suggested and his back pain improved so much that he lost an additional 35 pounds and reached his recommended weight.

For those overweight unfortunates with back pain, losing even a few pounds may be some of the best medicine to extinguish that agonizing pain. One thing's fore sure, it surely can't hurt.

Other Wonderful Things That Weight Loss Does for the Body

The Skeletal Frame:The day we were born, we were destined to grow to be a certain size.

While the wisest professionals in the world can't predict how tall an infant will be once they are fully grown - nor predict their weight once they reach adulthood, the body itself knows from birth what its eventual size will be.

And because of such, it will only hold x-amount of weight - and was originally designed to do exactly that.

Therefore, any extra weight upon the skeletal frame that was originally designed to hold x-amount of weight, places a strain.

The adverse symptoms of weight gain on the body's skeletal frame include body aches - particularly in the joints, and in some situations the weight is so overwhelming that the frame begins to break down. Fractures will become more common - balance will be tested.

Just by dropping that extra weight, the body will move more freely - will be freer of aches and pains and will last longer.

The individual should think about how they want to spend their later years of life - in a wheelchair, or walking crooked or still active but moving a bit slower than in younger years.

The Brain's Healthy Benefits From Weight Loss

Losing weight can assist in having clearer thoughts. Weight gain is commonly accompanied by 'brain fog'.

The Vital Organs Response to Weight Loss

Sometimes the layers of fat can be so encompassing on the vital organs that they are literally being suffocated, unable to perform efficiently.

In turn, this can create chaos for the body. The kidneys may shut down, the heart (a large muscle) may falter, the pancreas may become so taxed and overworked that diabetes rears its ugly head.

These are just a few examples of the things that can go haywire when our body becomes too fat.

The Respiratory System Healthy Response to Weight Loss

Losing weight will allow the lungs to function better. When we breathe free, we just feel better. The inability to breathe freely is often related to the brain fog mentioned above.

The Circulatory System Benefits Substantially Over Fat Loss

As with our body frame size, the heart was created to pump and distribute blood through a body which is a certain size. When the body becomes bigger - the heart struggles to work and do its job. It's really pitiful when you think about it. Although it's taxed due to body fat overload - it keeps on pumping as best as it can.

Losing weight can also slash health issues associated with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and risk of stroke.

The Digestive System & Weight Loss Impact

Losing weight and reaching goal weight can rid the body of digestive issues that plague the overweight individual. Excessive gas, bloating, swelling, sick tummy, belching, acid reflux - all of these can be alleviated via weight loss.

In Summary

While we can't see inside our body, it gives us signals all the time when it's in trouble. From burping to backaches, the body may be signaling that those extra pounds are causing it grief - and that those pounds are wearing it out before its time.


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