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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Weight Loss Reality Isn't a Fairy Tale....

Think that you can't lose that unwanted weight? Well, oh yes you can!

Never forget that you're king where your weight is concerned and only you-yourself control the number on those pesky bath scales.

So weight loss isn't something that lives in fairy tale land - rather something that you can turn into a reality.

And while that unwanted weight is coming off the body, good things are happening on the interior - things that we can't see, yet things that we can feel.

We may have a lighter step, or more energy. We may think clearer and breathe easier. Our joints, bones, back and feet may not ache like they once did - before the weight started coming off.

And those digestive issues we experience may be a thing of the past.

But losing weight isn't totally about the interior - although those good things happening to the interior are more important than the changes that you'll see on the body's exterior.

Speaking of which - let's look into this weight loss thing just a bit deeper by seeing how a certain prince handled his weight loss results.

Once upon a time lived a handsome prince named Harry who was in need of ditching 30 pounds.

After the big diet, Harry looked as handsome as ever, only thinner.

Although Harry had ditched the unwanted weight, he was still the same Harry. His father the king, loved Harry equally - before and after the diet.

Moral of Weight Loss Success Story

Although we often alter our exterior, we remain the same inside in regards to how we feel about life. How we view things, our demeanor, how we care and love others.

Sure, sometimes a dieter may change drastically.

They may become so proud of their new body that they forget their former self. They may leave that person behind with the pounds they lost along the way.

They may even become too proud, too arrogant - and start to hurt feelings of the people that they once cared about.

But for the most part, post dieters end-up with the same personality that they had before they started the diet.

It's quite common to gain a bit more self-respect or to be proud of such a grand accomplishment.

Some dieters may travel an entirely different route - the weight loss process itself causing them a great deal of stress, thus overwhelming their daily lives.

So keep in mind that while losing weight will improve your health and overall well-being, don't stress out too much over the excess weight and simply allow it to come off naturally while dieting.

Fretting won't make the weight come off any quicker, and you'll still be the same person once all the weight is gone - only thinner, like our Harry.

And once those extra pounds are gone - you deserve the right to be proud because losing any amount of weight and keeping it off is a grand accomplishment indeed.


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