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Bunny Foods When Dieting

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Shake it up Baby! Shake up your daily diet plan for spiffy weight loss results....

Raw carrots, celery and cucumbers might have the best of dieters sprouting whiskers and a puffy tail.

When the dieter sets out on their new weight loss plan, they tend to chart a course. It may be sketchy - or it may be quite detailed. And some dieters simply don't know where to start.

They only know that when they get to the end of their diet plan that they want to be at their goal weight - or ideal weight.

Common foods for dieters include so many foods from the garden that many refer to as 'bunny foods'.

Vegetables in the raw contain minimal calories - except a few like potatoes, corn and sweet potatoes. Even those contain less caloric values than they are often accused of - typically by diets which recommend drastically reducing carbohydrates in the daily diet.

Fact is - even the best of dieters can stand so many raw carrots, celery stalks, cucumber slices and cabbage leaves.

At times, its enough to send them sliding right off the edge of their weight loss plan - and back into time. Once there they suddenly return to their former diet which may be mined with fat and more calories than their body uses - but at least the food has flavor.

Nonetheless - take heart little dieters because we have a few recipes which can take those bland vegetables up a level without blowing the roof off the caloric content. We have a few excellent cures for bunnyitis.

Let's see what's in our healthy garden, shall we?

Diet Carrot & Cranberry Salad Recipe

Mix shredded carrots with one teaspoon of dried cranberries and a bit of Light Miracle Whip.

Low Calorie Mashed Spiced Carrots Recipe

Cook fresh carrots until tender and using a fork, mash into a smooth consistency. Sprinkle in a bit of ground cinnamon. Add a tiny bit of light margarine. Add a package of sugar substitute OR a bit of brown sugar.

Diet Celery Sticks

You know the standard recipe for stuffed celery - cream cheese spread into the celery stalk.

You can still enjoy this rich treat while losing weight but the trick to the treat is to use whipped cream cheese which contains less fat and calories than the full-blown recipe.

Diet Cabbage Recipe

Cabbage is exceptionally low in calories and where weight loss is concerned - there have even been soup recipes built around this sturdy green vegetable.

Shredded fresh cabbage is very refreshing and pairs well with apple. So mix the two - shredding the cabbage and chopping the apple. Drizzle with a serving of light, low calorie fruit-based salad dressing such as raspberry-walnut.

Cucumber Tips for Dieters

These long green babies taste delicious in salads but they hold up well on their own, too. Try slicing thin and dipping into your favorite light, low calorie yogurt or light salad dressing.

From Fresh Vegetables to Fresh Fruits

Rather than getting totally burned out on the common vegetables, switch to fruit. Many specimens are very low in caloric content.

A plum contains a skinny 35 calories.

Half of a large banana contains about 50 calories.

One-half of a fresh apple contains about 50 calories.

Or, go for the melons. Honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon are fabulous choices to insert into your healthy diet plan. Each contain about 50 calories per cubed cup.

And if you don't have a fancy for melon, pick the berries. Strawberries, blueberries and blackberries are all low in calories.

In Summary

The key to keeping a weight loss plan from being bland is to mix things up and to not become over-focused on one Food Group.


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