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Harvest Chicken & Rice Soup Recipe

Written by Diet Bites


Chicken Soup to Boost Immunity

You'll need about twenty minutes to prepare this immunity-boosting soup recipe. It contains all five official Food Groups from the American Food Pyramid when served with a cup of low fat milk.

1. Rice - a whole grain rich in niacin at 3.413 milligrams per cup. Niacin aids the digestive system, skin, and nerve function. Niacin is vital for converting food to energy.

Rice also contains other key vitamin and mineral elements necessary to optimum health.

These include: potassium, dietary fiber, protein - at an impressive 4.43 grams per cooked cup, iron and phosphorus. It's also low in saturated fat, total fat and sodium.

2. Celery - It's ridiculously low in calories at 16 kcals per chopped cup. One strip provides 2 milligrams of calcium benefits.

3. Onions - One cup contains about 65 calories and is a good source for protein [1.76 grams], dietary fiber [2.7 grams], calcium [37 milligrams] and potassium [234 milligrams].

4. Chicken - When lean it provides a blast of protein benefits to your daily diet, supporting muscle health.

5. Carrots - Excellent source of beta carotene to combat radical cell damage.

6. Tomatoes - Most assume tomatoes are part of the Vegetable Family but alas, they are classified as a fruit.

Ingredient for Harvest Chicken & Rice Soup Recipe

Chicken & Rice Soup Recipe1 cup of cooked lean chicken, dark or white meat, cut into bite-size pieces
1/2 cup of finely chopped onion
1/2 cup of finely chopped celery
1/4 cup of diced bell pepper, any variety or color
2 small to medium tomatoes, jackets removed & chopped
5 medium sized carrots, chopped
1 cup of instant rice
4-6 chicken bouillon cubes, depending upon how salty you like your soup

You'll also need to add water - and the amount will depend upon how much broth you prefer in your soup.

Other optional additions to the recipe: black pepper, assortment of other vegetables such as corn and peas.

How to Prepare Diet Bites Harvest Chicken & Rice Soup Recipe

1. Add all the vegetables to a soup pot with a bit of water to cover and cook until they are almost tender.

2. Also add the chicken bouillon cubes to the soup pot. Stir occasionally to ensure that sticking doesn't occur - and to ensure that the cubes are dissolved fully.

3. Add the chicken, the rice and more water.

4. Cook until the soup is hot and bubbly.

We like to serve our chicken soup & rice recipe with a side of golden cornbread and a serving of reduced fat milk.

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