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No-Bake, Delicious Pie Recipes for Dieters

Written by Diet Bites

Low Calorie Pie Recipes for Dieters Seeking Weight Loss

Nutrition, Calorie & Low Fat Notes for Dieters

Opting for the light, low fat, lower calorie yogurt keeps a lid on calories so seek out yogurt containing 110 calories or less when making this low calorie pie recipe. Yogurt resides in the Dairy Group housed within the healthy Food Pyramid.

After preparing the filling, choose any of the lower calorie pie crust recipes detailed below to create your own, personalized diet pie that doesn't take anything like a diet! Or, use a ready-made shell to create a low calorie pie in a flash.

As to the pie crusts, they reside in the Grain Group housed with the healthy Food Pyramid.

Pie Crust Recipes

Ready Made Pie Crusts - So many to choose from these days, from traditional graham cracker to chocolate graham cracker to vanilla graham cracker to traditional pie crusts to puff pasty & filo dough wonderments!

Always check the label for calorie content, particularly where traditional pie crusts are concerned as they can contain as few as 100 calories per serving (slice) to almost 200 calories per serving.

Keep in mind that our pie fillings are very low in calories and the crust will generally contain more calories than our fillings. Also keep in mind the number of servings you wish to serve - 6 or 8? This number makes the calories in the pie crust a very important decision.

Traditional Pie Crust - If using traditional pie crust dough, if pie shell is frozen, thaw as directed on package. Next, on a working surface dusted very lightly with flour, roll the dough as thin as possible.

If dough comes packaged in a pie tin, remove to work the dough. By rolling the dough as thin as possible, you can almost half the calorie content. After rolling, place in a pie tin or baking plate. Bake as directed on package. Check label to assist in determining calories. Always cool pie crust completely before adding filling.

Homemade Graham Cracker Pie Crust  - contains about 65 calories per 8 servings OR about 87 calories per 6 servings.

Ingredients for lower calorie graham cracker pie crust:

1 cup of crushed graham crackers, any variety or flavor (about 355 calories)

2 Tablespoons of margarine (about 120 calories when using 60 calorie per serving margarine)

3 Teaspoons of sugar (about 48 calories) OR use Splenda for 0 calories

Spray pie plate with cooking spray so that crust is easily removed at serving time. Pour graham crackers in the center of the pie plate.

Top with warm but not hot melted margarine. Add sugar. Stir gently with spoon until crackers are moistened, then press to form crust.

Use a sheet of plastic wrap to protect hands if desired while forming crust, or a couple of small plastic bags.

Puff Pastry Pie Crust Recipe

One puff pastry shell contains about 223 calories while one sheet of puff pastry dough contains about 1,369 calories. When using puff pasty as your crust, try to limit crust to 1/2 sheet.

Spray pie plate with cooking spray before filling with dough for easier removal upon serving. Cool completely before adding filling.

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