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How to Make a Lower Calorie
Lower Fat Pie

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites


How To Reduce Calories & Fat Grams Without Sacrificing Flavor or Texture

The issue with most diet pie recipes is that they make use of funky ingredients - such as zero fat products which in turn impact the flavor and the texture of the recipe.

While using lighter ingredients is an excellent step towards producing a lighter recipe - and making a healthier treat or dessert, when a food tastes bland or bad, or when it has a funky texture, we just don't enjoy it.

We may feel forced to go ahead and eat it because we don't want to waste money - which is on most of our minds these days as it continually shrinks - or we don't want to hurt the person's feelings who prepared the pie.

On that note, let's review the steps to a healthier recipe which won't impact flavor or texture - yet, will render less fat and calories.

The Crust

We'll start with the crust because at times, it contains double the energy values of the filling. One top or bottom crust may contain 1600 or more calories - or about 200 kcals per slice when we're dealing with a pie that serves eight.

But take note that we'll need to double the amount of calories if we're dealing with a top and bottom crusted recipe. That caloric values can range from 160 to over 400 kcals per one slice!

1. Therefore, our first tip for reducing the negative nutritional values [lipids, kcals] is to check the nutrition label and the values contained within the package.

Look for crusts holding 80 to 100 kcals per serving. Keep in mind that if you intend to make a recipe that has a top and bottom crust - you'll also be doubling the lipid values as well as the caloric values.

2. When the recipe calls for a double crust, skip one.

If you skip the bottom, make sure that the filling is nice and thick. You can either pack it with more fruit or when it's a cream version, use a bit more thickener.

You want the pie to slice well so that it comes out in a beautiful slice. That's one of the purposes of the bottom crust layer.

If you skip the top crust, then you'll most likely need a topper for most recipes. You can serve it with a spray of whipped cream - only 15 extra calories and minimal fat grams.

Or, if the fruit pie is cool, dust the top with powdered sugar.

The Filling

1. Opt for fruit over cream fillings.

2. Use fresh fruit to keep negative values minimal.

3. If you opt to use canned fruit, use those which have been packed in their natural juices rather than those packed in light or heavy syrup.

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