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Low Calorie Black Bean Recipes
for Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Recipes for Weight Loss


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If you're seeking to lose pounds, putting black beans on your diet menu can help you achieve just that.

Legumes are naturally rich in fiber, and fiber is a Dieter's Best Friend for keeping the tummy satisfied for long periods.

One cup of prepared black beans contains a skinny 227 calories and 15 grams of fiber. Wow!

Who says one needs to eat all day to achieve Fiber Fitness? In addition to the fibery burst, the dieter will benefit from so many other nutritious aspects of the black bean: zinc - 1.93 mg; iron - 3.61 mg; protein - 15.24 grams (another wow!); selenium-2.1 mcg; calcium - 46 mg; ash 1.98 grams; potassium - 611 mg.

Black beans contain zero cholesterol, are super low in fat and of course - are super filling. Another plus is the convenience of canned beans which can be ready in a flash. No more toiling over a hot stove or enduring the trouble of an overnight soak.

Beans, Side Effects

There are a few drawbacks: all beans, not just black beans,tend to be gassy; tasty additives such as cheese or fat-back used in cooking the beans can influence overall nutritional values; and beans go well with salt which can evolve into high sodium intake - so let's not get too cozy with Miss Salt Shaker.

Don't fret; as time goes by you won't even 'miss' the Sodium Overload.

As to canned beans, one serving generally contains close to 20% of the recommended daily intake, so bypass the Sodium Highway and take the path to Low Sodium Overdrive by rinsing the beans before adding them to recipes.

Just wash that sodium right out of your beans!

Another perk to our black bean recipes is that the following recipes contain many of the same ingredients.

Low Calorie Recipes Featuring Black Beans

On that note, Diet Bites hopes that you'll enjoy our following low calorie, diet wise, black bean recipes which can assist with weight loss - without Hunger hijacking your Appetite.

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